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A genuine dilemma

So many issues in politics are clear-cut.  Things are either right or wrong, they meet our principles or they don’t.  But every so often something comes up that gives us real pause for thought. London Mayor Boris Johnson recently called … Continue reading

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Cameron’s cynical referendum scam

Westminster was stunned on Friday when Douglas Carswell left the Tories to join UKIP, resigned his seat, and triggered a by-election.  And I must admit I was stunned this morning when I saw the headline in the Mail: SHOCK POLL: … Continue reading

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Let’s stop worrying about global warming …and worry about the damage that “green” policies are doing to our economy

That old canard that “97% of scientists support Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)” is cropping up again in social media, parroted cheerfully without critical analysis, so I’ve been drawing attention to my rebuttal on the subject.  This was based on Lord … Continue reading

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No independence for Scotland in the EU

A question which I used to be asked frequently runs as follows: “If a single currency works in a huge economy like the USA, why on earth do you think a single currency won’t work in the EU?”. I must … Continue reading

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“A Head full of Wee Toys”

Alex Salmond: “A Head full of Wee Toys — and all of them broken” I have known Edward Spalton for many years, both as a constituent and now as Hon Sec of the Campaign for an Independent Britain: a man of … Continue reading

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Riga Travelogue

With Latvian Soprano Sonora Vaice, who sang Violetta in Traviata The world is going to hell in a hand-cart.  A landslide tragedy in Hiroshima.  A new War with Islamist brigands in Iraq.  Refugees fleeing to Syria, or anywhere they can … Continue reading

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Wishful thinking on immigration

I have a high regard for John Hayes MP, whom I have known for many years.  But I fear his piece on immigration (Aug 11th) relied too much on rose-tinted spectacles and wishful thinking, rather than the facts as they … Continue reading

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