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Fraser Nelson please note:

  A managed immigration policy would facilitate asylum Generally speaking I have a high regard for journalist and commentator, Fraser Nelson, who is frequently a beacon of common sense.  However I did feel that a piece he wrote for The … Continue reading

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Russo/Green Propaganda

A new theme has emerged for opponents of shale gas.  The argument goes like this: fossil fuel companies engaged in the shale gas business in the USA are losing money.  They’ve invested more in the industry than they’ve recovered.  This … Continue reading

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Disaster, Peter? What disaster?

Peter Oborne in Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph fires off a  robust tirade against the Nanny State – plain packaging for cigarettes, health warnings on wine bottles.  Bravo, Peter!  UKIP agrees with you. There is a growing mood of opposition in the UK … Continue reading

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A lose-lose climate policy

Following a recent blog piece, one of my regular (and not always sympathetic) correspondents “Catalanbrian” raised a complaint that I hear all too often: that UKIP has ‘only one policy’  To be fair, another contributor, “Flyinthesky”, pointed out the obvious … Continue reading

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The Tories and Big Bertha

  Before the First World War, the Germans developed an exceptionally large artillery piece which was generally known as “Big Bertha” — the name widely regarded as an unkind reference to Bertha Krupp, heiress and owner of the Krupp industrial … Continue reading

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How not to be a reactionary

With Newt Gingrich in Dallas Last week at the ALEC Conference in Dallas I was delighted to be able to meet New York Times best-selling author (and prominent politician) Newt Gingrich, and to attend the plenary breakfast event at which … Continue reading

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Free markets and low taxes work

  Meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry in Dallas While in Dallas last week at the ALEC Conference, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Texas Governor and 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Perry.  I Tweeted the photograph, only to … Continue reading

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Building Bridges in Texas

In the (replica) Oval Office at the George W. Bush Presidential Centre in Dallas I’ve been working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on and off for ten years or so.  I was introduced to ALEC by my former … Continue reading

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Let’s call time on tax tinkering

Boris Johnson at the wheel The UK tax code is notoriously complex.  As long ago as 2009 we had the longest tax code in the world – read the Telegraph story here –  and it’s only got worse since then.  Everyone agrees … Continue reading

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Impact of UK’s Climate Change Mitigation Policies 2005 to 2013 – A Guest Blog

Today, I have posted a guest blog from Anthony Thompson… The BBC and the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons have recently announced that allowing climate sceptics to put their case should be avoided because it gives ‘false’ balance. … Continue reading

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Wishful thinking at the CBI

  I was struck by an article in The Sunday Telegraph of July 20th, by the CBI’s Deputy Director General Katja Hall.   “Let’s dispel the myth that we have no allies in Brussels”, it’s headlined.  And as an … Continue reading

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UKIP sets the agenda, …and drives the government re-shuffle

Perhaps the most striking feature of David Cameron’s extensive reshuffle is that is largely a defensive response to UKIP.  We are setting the agenda.  We are making the weather. The three main themes of the reshuffle were: Presenting a more … Continue reading

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Watch out for the food police!

As a politician with a broadly libertarian outlook, I’m getting increasingly frustrated by the government’s assumption that it’s entitled to tell us what to eat and drink.  I think it’s a fundamental right of all grown-ups in their right mind … Continue reading

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Surreal in Strasbourg

     Mr. Ferdinando Feroci Last night I attended a meeting in the Strasbourg parliament of the Industry Committee ITRE, which had been called for a hearing to approve a new Industry Commissioner, Mr. Ferdinando Feroci.  He will be replacing the … Continue reading

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Beware of “Smart Meters”

They could allow Big Brother to turn off your lights Pretty soon you’ll be offered a “smart meter”, with all sorts of sales talk about the benefits and savings it will deliver.  But smart meters may not be all good … Continue reading

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