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Guest blog by Christopher Monckton on climate change

Science is not, repeat not, done by consensus. Head-counting scientists forms no part of the scientific method. The fallacy of argument from consensus (or, as the medieval schoolmen sneeringly called it, the argumentum ad populum) has no place in any rational argument. Nor … Continue reading

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Fire-walking: A key skill for EU Commissioners?

The first Slovenian nominee for EU Commissioner, was Aleka Bratusek. As a result of odd electoral circumstances, she had managed to nominate herself, despite her party having just been voted out of office – but that’s another story.  She gave … Continue reading

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Cameron keeps digging

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Cameron keeps digging

                David Cameron is terrified of UKIP.  He’s afraid he’s going to lose the Rochester & Strood by-election.  And he knows that the biggest single issue he faces is public concern over mass … Continue reading

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Public meeting in Chichester

On Friday, I travelled down to Chichester for a UKIP meeting in the Assembly Rooms – and I was delighted to see that they were flying the Union Jack (OK – for purists – the Union Flag) over the building, … Continue reading

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Jaguar Untamed

Last night I attended a British Chamber of Commerce event at the British Ambassador’s residence sponsored by Jaguar Landrover,  We were addressed by Mike Wright, Executive Director of JLR, as well as West Midlands Labour MEP Siôn Simon, and Carlo … Continue reading

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Renewables re-visited

In my pre-political career, I spent four very happy years with United Distillers/Guinness plc (now Diageo), in Korea and Singapore.  Indeed I was “Mr. Johnnie Walker” in Korea.  In the course of my time with United Distillers, I visited a … Continue reading

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