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I have conducted a series of podcasts with Tory Radio. If you want to listen to the podcasts click on the appropriate link below.

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Helmer challenges Ed Miliband – 24th November 2009

Climate conference in Brussels – 18th November 2009

Why the public is sick to death of climate change – 17th November 2009

Why I left the front bench – 5th November 2009

Why we need a referendum – 5th October 2009

The NHS – 17th August 2009

“Homophobia” – 15th August 2009

Leaving the EPP – 12th March 2009

When does “No” mean “Yes” – 13th June 2008

Irish referendum vote – 5th March 2008

I want a referendum – Interview – 4th March 2008

The Common Fisheries Policy – 20th November 2007

Europe’s “Citizen’s Agora” – 8th November 2007

Supply side tax cutters or environmental interventionists? – 12th September 2007

Nuclear Power – 2nd September 2007

Marriage – 24th April 2007

Climate Change – 22nd March 2007

Europe’s Constitution rearing its ugly head – 12th March 2007

Europe’s CIA committee – 16th February 2007

Free speech in the EU – 12th February 2007

The 25th anniversary of Greenland leaving the EU – 7th February 2007

Scottish independence and what it means for the EU – 4th February 2007

EU funding the BNP – 1st February 2007

4 Responses to Roger’s Podcasts

  1. Anthony Tuffin says:

    Mr Helmer seems a tad confused.

    He described the Conservative 30% share of the East Midlands vote in the Euro-election as a very solid and good result. Well, it was certainly better than any other party’s result but it means that 70 out of every 100 voters in the region voted against the party while, nationally, 72 out of every 100 voted against Conservative candidates. It is hardly a clarion call for a Conservative Government. Although the Labour Party seems to be doing its best to lose the next general election, there is little sign that the Conservative Party is doing much to win.

    Then, although he declared himself opposed to electoral reform, he claimed that over 60% of the region’s votes were for euro-sceptic parties. That is completely illogical because percentages of votes are not really relevant except in the context of proportional representation, which he opposes.

    He states that people don’t want a referendum on electoral reform but on the Lisbon Treaty, which he calls the EU Constitution. This is a selective display of high principles. Labour promised referendums on both. He also says people don’t want electoral reform but a general election and yet, without reform, the election will be undemocratic and solve nothing in the long term because the new Government – Conservative, Labour or any other party – will represent only a minority of voters.
    The present Government was elected by only 35% of the votes; 65 out of 100 voters voted against Labour. Now if the Conservatives win the next election outright with only about 35% of the votes, no doubt Mr Helmer will see it as a solid and good result, but it will not be democratic. Nor will it be democratic if Labour revives enough to win another election with only about 35% of the votes.

  2. Joe Patterson says:

    What is there to say about this reactionary nonsense? The “nasty party” representatives are certainly crawling out of the woodwork. Cameron can exercise his PR (Public Relations: nothing to do with democratic electoral systems!)skills as much as he likes- these are the people whol will be exercising the power if the Tories get in in 2010.

    Spefically, I agree with Anthony Tuffins comment of June 9the 2009. I would just add that of the TOTAL electorate the present government under FPTP has the support of a mere 21% of the electorate just as Thathcer never had the support of more than 32% of the TOTAL electorate.

  3. Roger Helmer says:

    You’re quibbling over arithmetic. It’s good because it was a whole lot better than the previous time (2004), in the teeth of the furore over MPs’ expenses.

  4. John Kelly says:

    Congratulations on joining UKIP Roger.
    Please find enclosed a copy of a recent letter I sent to my Tory MP Andrea Leasom which you may find interesting.

    Andrea Leadsom MP
    South Northamptonshire County Constituency
    9 Prospect Court,
    Courteenhall Road
    NN7 3DG

    13th March 2012
    Dear Mrs Leadsom
    The Prime Minister has in the face of public outrage over the decision of the ECHR court relating to the case for deportation of Abu Qatada to Jordan, set up a Commission to research the need for a ‘United Kingdom Bill Of Rights’ to negate the need for any UK subsidiary compliance to the European Court of Human Rights, which because it perversely promotes the rights of offenders and suspected terrorists above those of victims of crime and ignores the risks which the British public are exposed to by our Governments current inability to enact the deportation of known terrorists who have been convicted of terrorism in their own country by due process within its national legal framework .
    A senior member of this Commission the noted political scholar Michael Pinto-Duschinsky has felt it necessary to resign because of intolerable interference by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and by the Justice Minister Ken Clark both of whom are avowed Europhiles, this interference has taken the form of deliberate instruction to the Commission to ignore the crucial question of re-establishing the United Kingdom powers of ‘Parliamentary Override’ which would be essential to regain and to retain the “Sovereignty of United Kingdom Parliamentary Law” and the removal of UK judicial subsidiarity to the arbitrary and often perverse decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.
    The Prime Minister must re-establish his authority over his Lib-Dem Deputy and his disloyal Tory Justice Minister who are actively undermining his credibility as Prime minister and who by their actions are weakening the image of the UK as a Sovereign Nation whose Government is solidly united behind Mr Cameron in its control of United Kingdom’s security and the safeguarding of its citizens right to be protected against the effects of crime and terrorism.
    If they cannot be made to follow the instructions of the Prime Minister they should be demoted to less important posts. Even if that means a split in the coalition whose value is at best debatable and which has not exactly proven its efficacy as a cohesive vehicle for the polarised and often juxtaposed policies of these disparate political entities, that has been its common thread in Government since the general election in May 2010.
    If this deference towards the junior coalition partner is not addressed and quickly so, then long term Tory voters who are like myself in the 40+ age group who represent the main body of support for the Conservative party and indeed the largest body of voters in the UK will look elsewhere for true conservatism with a capital “C”, at present that means that the only party capable of embodying the capital “C” in its policies is the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) this possible move of allegiance after 40 years as a Tory would be a wrench but if it would benefit my country it is one that I would not shy away from.
    I therefore call on you as my sitting Conservative MP to address and inaugurate a proper redress of this intolerable situation that seeks to prevent the reaffirming of Sovereign Rights to the British people.
    Your faithfully
    John Kelly
    Address withdrawn on this blog
    NN4 0RY
    I intend to publicise this letter in both the Daily Mail & Daily Express as well as broadcasting its contents on Facebook & YouTube within 7 days depending on your response.

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