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My website

In June my website got over 110,000 hits, with an average of 884 visitors per day (that’s around four hits per visitor).  See for all the stats.  It’s just been updated with more articles, links and photos:

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June/July Events

Below is  run down of some of the events I’ve been to over the last month:- June 15th:  South Leics Business Lunch at the Travel Inn, Leicester, organised by Peter Goodwin, on “The EU: Good for Business?” June 21st:  Visit … Continue reading

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Downing Street Petition

A quick reminder of the Downing Street petition – don’t forget to sign at

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More scientists challenge global warming alarmism

The views of another prominent scientist, Professor David Bellamy, have come to my attention.  He points out that claiming Armageddon on the basis of short-term temperature cycles is unjustified, and says that average world temperatures have had a tendency to … Continue reading

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A view from the states

“As a measure of European politicians’ disregard for their constituents’ wishes, the new Treaty is unparalleled.  Despite the overwhelming popular sentiment against it in many member-states, and outright rejection in two, the stillborn Constitution has been largely transposed into the … Continue reading

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Education and social mobility

The Today programme has run a debate on social mobility, asking why after ten years of a Labour government, it is harder today for bright kids from poor backgrounds to succeed than it was decades ago.  Yet they’ve failed to … Continue reading

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White collar crime

A new report suggests that white-collar crime is more widespread than we like to think.  While it includes over-claiming on insurance and failing to return excess change, it mostly seems to involve cheating on tax, whether by mis-reporting income, or … Continue reading

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Farmyard Flatulence — a postscript

Last month I reported on farcical attempts to reduce methane and CO2 emissions from livestock, which could put further pressure on our farmers.  Now I hear of a similar move in New Zealand, and the Kiwi farmers didn’t take it … Continue reading

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Welcome to Barroso’s Empire of Europe

On July 10th, EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, rejoicing in the “success” of his Revised Constitution, hailed the EU as “the creation of an Empire”, adding “We have the dimensions of Empire”. I have occasionally spoken of “The EU … Continue reading

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The European Ideas Network

The EIN is a project within the EPP (European People’s Party Group), run by our good colleague James Elles MEP of the South East, which has brought together big hitters from politics and industry to discuss EU issues.  It has … Continue reading

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The EPP gets the message

The EPP Group (of which most Conservative MEPs are members) has published its considered opinion of the EU’s policy on climate change.  One sentence sprang out at me: “However, unless something radical is devised, the EU will soon have to … Continue reading

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Climate Change

On June 22nd (after a full day on the referendum campaign) I was off to Beeston, Notts, for a public meeting organised by Nick Palmer MP and the local Labour Party to promote Al Gore’s disaster movie (so for those … Continue reading

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Saying one thing at home … and another in Brussels

The Daily Telegraph’s Spy column recently took one of our colleagues to task for saying diametrically opposite things in the UK and in Brussels.  But Labour’s Richard Corbett has done better (or worse!).  Let me quote a letter to the … Continue reading

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Employment policy speech – July 10th

I thought you would appreciate seeing a copy of a speech I made a couple of days ago with regards employment policy. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Mr President, It is the policy of my … Continue reading

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The phone call that didn’t come

I spent a few days by the phone in late June waiting for the call from Gordon Brown inviting me to take up the post of Europe Minister in his new, big-tent administration of all the talents.  But it was … Continue reading

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