Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES!

I welcome much of Iain Duncan Smith’s paper on social breakdown, and especially his policy proposals on recognising and supporting marriage.  It is appalling that Gordon Brown says “we cannot recognise marriage in the tax system because it would be unfair to single parents”: the tax and benefit system today is hugely biased in favour of single parents, and is unfair to married couples!

But I was shocked at IDS’s suggestion of higher taxes on alcohol.  Apart from being an electoral albatross, it is wrong in principle.  We’re Conserva­tives, for heaven’s sake!  We believe in lower taxes.  If the answer is higher taxes, then we’re asking the wrong question.

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2 Responses to Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES!

  1. Michael Earl says:

    Totally agree with your comments about the proposed tax on alcohol. IDS must be crazy putting this forward.
    Supposedly this tax would help stop binge drinking.
    I read that a figure of 7p on a pint of beer was proposed. Ok then if beer is £2.80 a pint I guess the 40 pint a day man will have to limit his intake to 39 pints!
    It’s a ridiculous idea that will lose the party alot of potential votes if it’s not booted into touch!

  2. Malcolm Edward says:

    I totally agree with Roger Helmer’s comments. IDS’s tax suggestion will lose votes fast – and we need votes if there is to be a conservative government for IDS to implement his social cures.
    As for finding money, how about stopping expensive projects like the ID database, road charging, and all contributions to the EU. We might be able to cut taxes as well then.

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