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Gummer is wrong wrong wrong

John Gummer’s “Quality of Life” policy proposals, at least as outlined in the Daily Mail, are hugely damaging and counter-productive. He proposes a moratorium on airport expansion, giving credence to the absurd green prejudice against aviation. Even if we accept … Continue reading

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A tale of two Johns: Redwood good, Gummer less good

After John Redwood’s excellent report on the economy, we move on to John Gummer’s “Quality of Life” report.  It threatens to undo all Redwood’s good work and tax reductions, by adding new “green” taxes.  Let’s leave aside the growing doubts on … Continue reading

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Human Rights and family life

An immigration tribunal has just ruled that Learco Chindama, an Italian citizen who murdered Headmaster Philip Lawrence twelve years ago, cannot be deported, as his family is in the UK, and deportation would infringe his “human right” to family life.  Mr. … Continue reading

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Just what we need — advice from the Germans!

Elmar Brok is a rotund German Christian Democrat MEP, who holds a distinguished position in the European Peoples’ Party — the parliamentary group with which British Conservatives (myself excluded) are still uneasily associated.  On August 20th, Elmar offered some advice … Continue reading

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The British government is seeking the release of five detainees from the American detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  These men are not British citizens, although they had been granted leave to remain in the UK.  There is good … Continue reading

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The newt-lover has an idea

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has a new idea to solve the “affordable housing” problem.  He proposes that the GLC should make available tracts of land which would be held in perpetuity by a “Public Land Trust”.  Houses would be … Continue reading

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Three cheers for John Redwood

John Redwood’s policy paper on the economy has been dubbed “A lurch to the right” by Labour.  It is no such thing.  It’s good, sound Conservative common sense, and about time too.  Well done to David Cameron and George Osborne … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Environment – a new Religion

I thought you would all appreciate reading this excellent article written by my constituent Edward Spalton:-   Whilst the BBC supported Al Gore’s 15 hour propaganda media hype for the “consensus” view of global warming, interspersed with pop music, it … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

“I have heard more about conservative values in one hour in Philadelphia than I have heard in years in the Conservative Party”.  So said one of the Conservative MEPs with me on a visit to the 34th Annual Meeting of … Continue reading

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Orange Kilroy “taking the pith”

A copy of a press release put out today which I thought you would enjoy! Perma-tanned East Midlands MEP Robert Kilroy Silk has been accused of “Taking the Pith” by his fellow East Midlands MEPs, after statistics showed not only … Continue reading

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