Human Rights and family life

An immigration tribunal has just ruled that Learco Chindama, an Italian citizen who murdered Headmaster Philip Lawrence twelve years ago, cannot be deported, as his family is in the UK, and deportation would infringe his “human right” to family life.  Mr. Lawrence’s widow says she feels “unutterably depressed”, as well she may.  Two questions for the tribunal.  Haven’t they noticed that we routinely set aside a convicted criminal’s rights to liberty and family life when we send them to jail?  And why is this young thug’s right to a family life more important that Mrs. Lawrence’s right to a family life, which he took from her in an appalling act of brutality?

It is EU law that puts us in this position.  It is time (in John Redwood’s masterful phrase) to “dis-apply” EU law.

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8 Responses to Human Rights and family life

  1. Malcolm Edward says:

    Too Right !

  2. Richmond says:

    Isn’t it the case that if we deported him, he could go online, book a Ryanair flight back to the UK, and there’s nothing we could do to stop him?

  3. Paul Smith says:

    All the more reason to change the law surely?

  4. Richmond says:

    So you want to end the right of free movement for EU citizens between EU member states? That would be popular.

  5. Paul Smith says:

    Curtailing the “rights” of convicted killers – err yes.

  6. Richmond says:

    Not managed to deal with the question then. Are you Roger?

  7. Paul Smith says:

    Afraid not. So I assume you believe convicted killers should have the right to travel anywhere. Not sure you could travel to the US under the same situation.

  8. Roger helmer says:

    Not sure I entirely understand Richmond’s strangled syntax, but I certainly think that the uncontrolled right of “EU citizens” to come to Britain, regardless whether we have the space or housing or jobs or infrastructure to cope with them, and regardelss whether they may be convicted killers, has to be curtailed and restricted. We cannot be a truly independent nation if we cannot control our borders.

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