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Supporting calls for a Referendum

  Supporting The Sun’s campaign for a referendum: Conservative MEPs demonstrate in the Hemicycle of the European parliament in Strasbourg, Sept 27th.   L to R; Chris Heaton-Harris, E Mids (part-picture); Den Dover, N West; Syed Kamall, London; Martin Callanan, … Continue reading

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Peer-Reviewed Papers support climate sceptics

Over and over again, in the great Climate Debate, we read that “not a single peer-reviewed scientific paper supports the sceptics”.  This claim came up recently in a comment from Julian Lees, which appeared on my earlier blog item “Driving … Continue reading

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Telling the truth about hunting

Roger at the Hunting Intergroup meeting in Strasbourg on Sept 26th, with Ms. Cristina Caretta, President, Confederazione delle Assocazioni Venatorie Italiane, and Dr. Yves Lecocq, Secretary General of  F.A.C.E., the European Hunting & Conservation Federation Bambi has a lot to … Continue reading

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Recognition for the Roger Helmer Blog!

Iain Dale ( has conducted a poll of right-of-centre political blogs, and I was delighted to see that although mine has been running only a couple of months, it came in the top third of the hundred he analysed, at … Continue reading

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The terminal cynicism of the EU élites

Two contrasting messages: in those EU countries where there is pressure for a referendum on the Renamed Constitution, politicians are saying “This treaty is quite different from the Constitution, and therefore there is no need for a referendum”.  We hear … Continue reading

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Our duty to the environment

I get occasional letters from constituents who make two points on the environment.  Given the universal scientific consensus on climate change, how can one realistically disagree?  And is it not my duty, as an elected politician, to promote the best … Continue reading

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Meeting the President of the United States

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