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Bali: Building on Failure

Sir William Herschel was an 18th century astronomer famous for discovering Uranus.  In 1782 he was honoured by the title “The King’s Astronomer”.  Yet he made one observation that brought ridicule on his head.  Studying the pattern of sunspots over … Continue reading

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Identity cards and Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg MP, the Lib-Dem leadership hopeful, has announced that he would refuse to own and carry an ID card, and would if necessary go to jail rather than do so.  Nick of course was an MEP from 1999 to … Continue reading

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Myself, David Cameron, and Emma McClarkin at the recent Conservative Party Race DAY

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Corporatism: a huge threat to democracy

I have just attended the European Parliament’s “Agora” in Brussels, Nov 8th/9th.  “Agora” is Greek for a market place or forum for public debate, and is the pretentious title adopted by the parliament for its “civil society debate” on the … Continue reading

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Clear and Present Danger – The EU threatens motoring as we know it

A new proposal from the EU represents a clear threat to motoring as we know it.  It seeks to reduce the average emissions of CO2 across each manufacturer’s range to 120 gms/km.  And it wants to do it by 2012.  … Continue reading

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EU Debate “Defies Democracy”

A copy of a press release I’ve issued today  An MEP has attacked a debate taking place today and tomorrow in Brussels as “a charade” and “defiance of democracy”.   Styled an “Agora” (a Greek word meaning market-place or forum … Continue reading

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Conservative Race day at Uttoxeter

Myself, Candidate Emma McClarkin and Owen Paterson MP at the Conservative Race Day at Uttoxeter on Friday Nov 2nd.

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