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Some of the things I’ve been doing in the last few weeks

Nov 20th: Selsdon Group Dinner, London Nov 23rd: Northampton South Annual Dinner with Alan Duncan Nov 24th: Countryside Alliance fund-raiser in Leicestershire Nov 30th: Sherwood Patrons’ Club Dec 1st: Campaigning with Andrea Leadsom (South Northants) Dec 3rd: Lincoln Ladies’ Lunch, … Continue reading

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The DVD: Putting Britain First

It’s about a year since I launched my DVD on my work in the parliament and the region, and sent a stack of copies to every East Midlands constituency, yet I am still finding Conservatives who know nothing about it.  … Continue reading

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A planet that really is undergoing climate change

For a striking image of the effects of climate change, click here.

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The Boxing Day meet

There could be no finer way to blow away the cobwebs left by Christmas indulgence, than to get out of doors and along to the Boxing Day meet.  So Wednesday Dec 26th saw the Helmer tribe (including grandsons George, 4, … Continue reading

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EU Threat to Traditional Rural Cider

There is an EU review in process which threatens the continuance of a tax exemption for cider-makers producing less than 70 hectolitres a year.  If the exemption is removed it is likely that many small, rural cider makers who make … Continue reading

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Non-British Citizens to Vote in British elections?

I would like to thank Roy Hewson for bringing an alarming new blog to my attention.  It seems that increasing numbers of foreigners are entitled to vote in British elections, and are being encouraged to do so.  See the blog … Continue reading

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Well done Collingtree; well done Rod Sellers

On 15th November, a poll of electors in the little Northamptonshire Village of Collingtree, voted by a majority of 97% (152 – 5) for a National Refer­endum on the EU Constitutional Treaty before it is ratified by Parliament.  Despite a … Continue reading

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The travails of Africa

It is hard to find words to describe the awfulness of the situation in Darfur.  Yet the BBC is now reporting that the scale of human suffering in Somalia may actually be worse.  Somalia has not had an effective government … Continue reading

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A big-mouthed, red-faced, grumpy old man?

Following our recent Referendum protest which I wrote about here it seems as though we have irked some of the unelected members of the Commission, including Commissioner Margot Wallstrom. On her blog she recently wrote, “Last week was busy – … Continue reading

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Nuclear Safety

A news report (Dec 4th) says that over 200 coal miners have died this year in South Africa, and the miners propose to strike in protest at safety standards.  That’s 200+ deaths in one year, in one country, yet it’s … Continue reading

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Energy: Good News and Bad News

Good news: Labour set to go ahead with new nuclear build programme.  David Cameron has said that when Labour get something right, we should have the courage to say so.  The government is right to press ahead with a new … Continue reading

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Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph, Nov 28th: “Enoch said that all political careers end in failure, but Mr. Brown’s career as Prime Minister seems to have begun with it”.

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British government backs the Mad Mullahs

 Below is a piece I have written for the Platform Section on ConservativeHome. An extraordinary headline, but a sad truth.  The British government has bowed to pressure from Iran’s Ahmadinejad régime, and has proscribed the most prominent and effective opposition-in-exile … Continue reading

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Ann Widdecombe comes to Northamptonshire

On December 8th, Ann Widdecombe addressed the Christmas dinner of the Northampton North Constituency.  She was in her usual feisty form, despite a bad cough, and was trenchant in her criticisms of this failing Labour government.  “These days you go … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Cancelled

Finally some “cool thinking” on climate change.  Read more here and here.

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