The travails of Africa

It is hard to find words to describe the awfulness of the situation in Darfur.  Yet the BBC is now reporting that the scale of human suffering in Somalia may actually be worse.  Somalia has not had an effective government for many years.  Instead it has a patchwork of tribal power, local war-lords and insurgent groups.  Millions live in abject poverty, hunger and fear.  Mean­time, Southern Rhodesia (aka “Zimbabwe”), once a happy and prosperous country, the bread-basket of Africa, goes from bad to worse under Mugabe’s appalling régime.
It may not be politically correct to say so, but it seems to me that these countries would benefit greatly from a decent Colonial Administration and a few good District Officers.
Of course the European Union (of which we are all proud to be “citizens”) has invited Robert Mugabe to its Euro-Africa Summit in Lisbon (Dec 7th — 9th).  This demonstrates the EU’s influence for good in the world, apparently.

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