The Peoples’ Mujahadeen of Iran


Meeting Maryam Rajavi who heads the Peoples’ Mujahadeen of Iran during a press Conference on Iranian opposition and EU policy.

You can read my recent article on ConservativeHome’s Platform here

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5 Responses to The Peoples’ Mujahadeen of Iran

  1. Hamid Iraqi says:

    Well done Mr. Helmer for supporting the Iranian people to bring about change in Iran.
    I, like millions of other Iranians, support Mrs. Maryam Rajavi because of her endless determination to bring freedom and democracy to the Iranian people.
    Long live a free Iran!

  2. Mohammad Hanif says:

    I think it is excellent of Mr. Helmer to meet with the leader of the only Iranian opposition force capable of bringing democracy to Iran.
    The NCRI and PMOI represent the true voice of the Iranian people. The people of Iran are not after nuclear capabilites as Ahmadinejad and the mullahs say; they want food on their tables and a chance to be free like the people in the West.

  3. Milad Niknia says:

    Well Done Mr Helmer,

    We need more courageous politicians to defend the noble values of democracy and freedom.
    The people of Iran will always remember those who stood with them in hard times.
    Best regards,
    Milad, Brussels

  4. Mehrdad Noushazar says:

    Good job Mr. Helmer! I would love to make a picture with the real president of Iran (Maryam Rajavi). This is the real connection we should have with Iran. Maryam Rajavi as the President-Elect of the National Council of Resistance, represents all of the voices of the people of Iran.

  5. Saeid Madjidi says:

    Great Work Mr Helmer,

    As a young supporter of the PMOI i belive when dealing with the British Government it takes a great deal of courageous to produce such an affective display of text and provide this article as a form of assistance towards there PMOI.

    Rest assured your help is much appreciated within the PMOI community and i can only hope you continue your good work in the future.


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