Some of the things I’ve been doing in the last few weeks

Nov 20th: Selsdon Group Dinner, London
Nov 23rd: Northampton South Annual Dinner with Alan Duncan
Nov 24th: Countryside Alliance fund-raiser in Leicestershire
Nov 30th: Sherwood Patrons’ Club
Dec 1st: Campaigning with Andrea Leadsom (South Northants)
Dec 3rd: Lincoln Ladies’ Lunch, White Hart, Bailgate, Lincoln
Dec 5th:  Cornerstone Group meeting; London, followed by Graham Brady MP’s House of Commons Grammar School Reception.
Dec 7th: Thurmaston Con Club Christmas event
Dec 8th: Northampton North Christmas Dinner with Ann Widdecombe
Dec 9th: Great Billing Coffee Morning
Dec 10th:  Purdah Period starts!
Dec 11th: Northampton North visitor group in Straz
Check out the photos of recent events at

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