Labour goes nuclear

David Cameron says we should be prepared to recognise when the govern­ment is doing something right.  It happens so rarely that we may get out of the habit.  But their decision to sanction a new generation of nuclear power stations is a case in point.  And none too soon.
In a sense they had little choice.  If you buy the global warming hype, then nuclear is the only carbon-free, mainstream, reliable, base-load generating technology we have.  We simply cannot make our extravagant CO2 reduction targets without it.
If, more realistically, you share my concern over energy security and Russia’s gas-tap blackmail, then nuclear is a great part of the answer.  And if you care about the British economy, we need nuclear energy, because it’s now much cheaper than gas or oil, even when you’ve paid for nuclear waste disposal and eventual decommissioning.  French industry benefits from cheap nuclear power.  How is British industry supposed to compete without it?
We now wait to see if the government has the courage of its convictions, and if it can get the planning consent through in eighteen months rather than eight years.  But in this case, Gordon Brown is right (for once), and Zac Goldsmith is wrong.

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