Unwrapping the EU Climate Package

I attended a European Policy Centre Breakfast Meeting on Feb 28th with Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas.  It was well attended with about 300 there: I sat at the top table with the Commissioner.  He spent some time “unwrapping the EU Climate Package”.
When I had a chance to put a question, I spoke as follows:
“Is the Commission aware that 1998 was the hottest year in recent history, and that climate change now seems to have stalled?  Is it aware that new data in recent days from four highly respected meteorological institutes shows that in recent months average global temperatures have dropped dramatically, far outside the range of recent years?  Is the Commission aware of the exceptional snow-fall in China, in the Middle East, in parts of the USA?”  (I could see that the American Ambassador, Boyden Grey, also at the top table, was following my question with interest).  “Does the Commission know that sea ice cover in the Antarctic is currently the highest since records began?  You may say that these are anomalies against the trend, but we seem to have an awful lot of anomalies and not very much trend.
“Isn’t it true that we are relying on predictions from computer models which are increasingly at odds with reality, and that based on those predictions we are putting in place policies which will do huge damage to European economies, and impoverish our grandchildren?”.
The guy from the WWF booed.  Commissioner Dimas muttered a long reply which contained a lot about the IPCC and the Stern report, nothing at all about the actual climate data.

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5 Responses to Unwrapping the EU Climate Package

  1. Derek Tipp says:

    Well said, Roger. If only more people with influence would speak out, but most fear being shunned or an end to their careers. Look at this article to see how a scientist has been removed for his sceptical views on the global warming theory.

  2. Ron McCarley says:

    Good for you! Everyone should speak up on a subject that has so much potential to control their lives. On a small scale, I write letters locally in the paper’s Forum section to inform the public about GW. Most people tell me that they disagree with AGW as presented by alarmists.

  3. Mia Nony says:

    Fasten your climate terror seat belts.
    At top speed we are entering the age of unreason, a cannibal feast ready made for that elite eugenics crowd now slathering at the trough.
    Those still capable of rational thought are facing a dark and growing yearning by the majority to submerge modern culture in the primordial slime known as counter knowledge.
    Wrought by the extremes of both let and right, this Machiavellian scheme known as Anthropogenic Global Warming has managed to successfully confuse the real issue of environmental pollution with the false issue of man made climate change. And it was much easier than hitching a wagon to a shooting star.
    AGW dissenting scientists, meaning the dwindling number of dedicated science professionals
    whose biased opinions have not as yet been purchased, those who have not agreed to be in the pay of politically driven corporations, are, indeed, fast becoming the modern metaphorical equivalent of witches for burning.
    The truth be told, there is simply WAY too much private, political, and corporate profit to be made on this devilishly clever global warming hoax. Silencing scientific dissent is, of course, the first sign of faux scientific totalitarianism’s absolute ascendancy. AGW is predictably riding on the intentional co-ordinated political abuse of so called modern nations by using this climate terrorism model for unimaginable profits via global taxation, etc. Not to mention the end game, the bonus of what will be deemed the unavoidable loss of national sovereignty by formerly independent countries, all in the name of fighting a junk science mythology about global warming.
    A mention of Hitler at this juncture might not seem relevant but I assure you that it is.
    Watch closely the old film clips of Hitler’s public speeches, raging and barking abrasively like some madman as spittle flew from his mouth. Observe the way Hitler would vainly stroke his own hair between ever more inflammatory sentences.
    To anyone in their right mind with half a grain of common sense, this sight alone should have been both telling and repulsive. Yet as many as 98% adored him and vociferously voted him into power. Sadly, people in the main are rarely rational. They tend to militate against their own long term best interests en masse, over and over again. It is not only extremists who cry out for blood, for the rack, for immediate execution by international tribunal of any who dissent the religion of Global Warming. Even while those same irrational lemmings sit buried in this year’s ever deeper global snow and ice, the vast ignorant majority will still insist that the climate is growing warmer.
    T’was ever thus. This is only the latest return to a historically pre-eminent global era of willing verus involuntary serfdom, of plebs willing to see themselves portrayed as the only true carbon sinners, of those without the wit to question why corporations are largely tax exempt, of those who will willingly reduce their lives to substandard levels or worse, while the actual third world wastes away, all in order to rush to pay indulgences to the Church of International Corporate Rule.
    The entire AGW scam, has been lifted right off a page of the same simplistic propaganda as has been used with great success for the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on SARS, on Bird Flu, on Super Bugs.
    Through oxymoronic slogans like Peace IS War the average unquestioning fossil fool will accept that black IS white.
    Now we bear witness to the latest: the War on Frying versus the 1970s War on Freezing. Frying is the panic de jour model of climate fear mongering, … even coming so soon on the heels of warnings of an Imminent Ice Age.
    Over and over again, they succeed in using the same old drivel, the same transparent storybook approach, the same Grimm’s Fairy Tale intimidation. Yet such exercises in mass hypnosis and manipulation of billions of seemingly reasonable people seems to work magnificently on the adoring crowds, virtually every single time. Now, once again, the susceptibility to bow to irrational fear heralds the beginning of our return to the Dark Ages. This time it is spreading with a fury usually reserved for the threat of a resurgent outbreak of the bubonic plague. Many still choose to “believe” that the plague was caused by human beings, not by flea bites from rats.
    No one ever seems to think to ask why those millionaires who are apparently otherwise informed continue to sink multi billions in investment dollars in the new Zurich, namely Dubai.
    Do we really think multi billionaire investors in the United Arab Emirates Kingdom, those who know all too well that AGW is nonsense, would have been using the latest Dutch technology to dredge up out of the sea the fill for massive numbers of relatively low lying islands, so many islands that they are now visible from the moon?
    Do we really imagine that such investors would bank top dollar betting against rising seas in the midst of what comprises the new Dubai playground for the unimaginably wealthy?
    No one seems to connect, for example, the relocation of Cheney’s Haliburton headquarters to Dubai, which I wager will be certain to remain a carbon tax free zone. Nor do we ask to what region of the world our own about to be plundered riches will be exported.
    Nobody thinks to ask why Al Gore, that self anointed prognosticator of doom and rapidly rising waters, has just purchased waterfront property in San Francisco.
    Sadly, those who run on fear are not exceptional, including the denatured geeks who adamantly believe in the reality of climate models while ignoring the experience of their own senses.
    Both the ignorant and those narrowly informed are equally easily
    manipulated by any fear model, – just as Kissinger, the war criminal, assured us they would be.
    Indeed, the fear model is the only model which is at all accurate in its prediction that most
    will click their heels, faced with pressure, threats, rising pecuniary carbon taxation penalties, and an overall growing threat from their own governments.
    Raise your glasses in a toast the evaporating middle classes everywhere. The last shred of any social stability anywhere in the western world will go down with them if they do allow themselves to sink back into the primordial ooze of fear mongering generated by those masters whom they would unquestioningly obey.

  4. P Gallagher says:

    Exactly. Except I believe that 1934 has surpassed 1998 as the warmest year of the 20th century – after NASA discovered a ‘bug’ in its adjustment procedures. In fact moe than half of the top 10 temperatures apparently occurred before 1955!

  5. Bishop Hill says:

    P Gallagher

    I think you may be confusing US temps with global temps.

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