Fundamentally flawed!

I was recently asked to review the web-site of a Euro candidate (not a candidate in my region) and, at a quick glance, it read as being a bit middle-of-the-road regarding the EU.  To paraphrase, the EU has great potential for good.  Just now it’s a bit off the rails, but with some judicious tweaking it could be great.
No.  It is fundamentally flawed from start to finish.  It delivers no benefit at all that could not be achieved from a simple free trade area, but it undermines our independence and self-determination.  It exists to create a United States of Europe, in a pale imitation (or caricature) of the USA.  That’s where it’s going.  As Dan Hannan says, “The EU is making us poorer, and less democratic, and less free”.  We kid ourselves if we pretend that “we can win the arguments in Europe” and create an Anglo-Saxon free trade area.
The idea amongst some sections of the party that we can remould it in our image is false.  I like the analogy of a guy on a bus.  If you want to go from Leicester to London, there is no earthly point in getting on a bus marked “Edinburgh”, and trying to persuade the passengers and the driver that really they need to turn around and that they’d be much better off going to London.  No.  You need to get on a bus marked London.
To be fair, in 1999 when I was elected, I too was talking about the need for reform, the need to create a looser, more flexible Europe.  Eight years in the parliament have opened my eyes.  Reform is not an option, because our partners in Europe don’t want it.  The EU is beyond reform, and deserves to be put out of its misery.  We’re on a bus to Edinburgh, and we have two choices: we can accept it, and go to Edinburgh.  Or we can get off the bus.

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2 Responses to Fundamentally flawed!

  1. Malcolm Edward says:

    I presume you are referring to a conservative euro candidate. In which case, how is such a niave and misguided person, an apologist for the EU, selected as a candidate to represent a party whose large majority of members are increasingly eurosceptic ?

  2. Roger Helmer says:

    The candidate, who was duly selected by the Party’s selection process, may well have felt an obligation to create a “moderate” web-site.

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