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What about the Gurkhas?

It’s unfashionable to quote Kipling, so I will.  I have recently acquired a rather nice Folio Society edition of Kipling’s selected verse. In his wonderful poem  “The Ballad of East and West” we find this splendid line: “So thou  must … Continue reading

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Renamed EU Constitution: how do we stop it?

We’ve campaigned.  We’ve lobbied.  We’ve marched.  We’ve demonstrated (in December, you recall, I was fined £600 for demonstrating for a referendum in the Strasbourg parliament).  We’ve collected signatures on petitions.  We’ve printed leaflets.  There have been dozens of village referendums.  … Continue reading

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Treaty of Lisbon Referendum Speech

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Dreaming of a White Easter

On Easter Saturday, I watched Channel 4’s block-buster movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”.  It’s a disaster movie.  The central conceit of the film is that global warming causes melting of the Arctic ice-cap.  This reduces the salinity of the northern … Continue reading

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A new threat to democracy

The leader of Scotland’s Catholics, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, is shocked at the government’s proposals for stem-cell research.  I am shocked that a representative of a religious group — even one so ancient and prestigious as the Catholic Church — should … Continue reading

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Could Jim Knight have a point?

Forgive me for returning to the subject of education, but it seems to be the flavour of the moment, what with the NUT Conference and all.  And poor Schools Minister Jim Knight has called down universal condemnation and outrage by … Continue reading

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People and Politics Day

Some time ago an organisation called “Unlock Democracy” (part-funded as usual by the European Commission) invited me to take part in a panel discussion on immigration at their “People and Politics Day” in Westminster Central Hall on March 18th, and … Continue reading

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A wretched little Liberal twerp

I thought I was more or less unshockable, but I admit I was a bit taken aback by an e-mail I received last week from one Yannick Laude, who proves to be a parliamentary official in the Press Office of … Continue reading

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£600: the price of Free Speech in Strasbourg

I have blogged previously about our demonstration for a referendum, in the parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg in December, and the subsequent disciplinary hearings for fourteen Members, including myself.  I have been waiting several weeks for the Sword of Damocles … Continue reading

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The Sophistry of Richard Corbett

During the parliament’s February Strasbourg session, we voted the Corbett report on the Lisbon Treaty (aka the Renamed EU Constitution).  There was an amendment that simply said “This house will recognise the outcome of the Irish Referendum” (which takes place … Continue reading

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Labour is destroying education in Britain

Labour’s schools policy, and especially its enthusiasm for allocating places by lottery, is based on an implicit assumption which is wholly false, and the result is that Labour’s social engineering threatens utterly to destroy the very “good schools” that they … Continue reading

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An open letter to Ian Taylor MP

Dear Ian,   You write: The issue of a referendum on the Treaty has also been raised. I have made it clear whenever we have debated this issue in the House that I am strongly against the whole idea of … Continue reading

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I recently received a letter from (of all people) the Quaker Animal Welfare Unit, asking me to sign a parliamentary Written Declaration to ban bullfighting across the EU.  The letter was laced with all the usual clichés about “mediaeval barbarity”.  … Continue reading

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