Dreaming of a White Easter

On Easter Saturday, I watched Channel 4’s block-buster movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”.  It’s a disaster movie.  The central conceit of the film is that global warming causes melting of the Arctic ice-cap.  This reduces the salinity of the northern oceans, and disrupts the Gulf Stream.  This in turn leads to a catastrophic cooling of the northern hemisphere, leaving most of the USA uninhabitable, and a mile of ice over Chicago.  The film closes with the US President broadcasting from Mexico, and thanking third-world countries for providing sanctuary for displaced Americans.
Hang on, I hear you say.  Global Warming causes …. an Ice Age?  Don’t ask me to explain it.  But remember that, just like Al Gore’s very own disaster movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” is fiction.
I was however taken aback, on waking next morning, when I opened the bedroom curtains to see a snow-covered landscape in Leicestershire.  We’ve had the first white Easter for umpty-ump years.  This is exceptional weather.  In fact global weather has been exceptional for the last year or so.  Last summer saw unseasonal snow-fall in South Africa and Buenos Aires.  This winter not quite past has seen unprecedented cold in China, the USA, the middle east.  Shepherds losing limbs from frost-bite in Afghanistan.  Snow rage in Canada.  Data from several respected meteorological institutions are showing that average global temperatures have fallen way below the recent range of variation.
Now of course this may well be a “blip”, but if so, it’s a very big one.  It is said that like most extreme weather events, it’s caused by the El Niño phenomenon in the Pacific (that boy causes a whole lot of trouble).  But just imagine for a moment that it had been a blip the other way — above the range of variation.  We should have had banner headlines proclaiming the end of the world, and the triumph of the warmists.  So those of us who are sceptical about the alarmist position may allow ourselves a moment of schadenfreude.  At the very least, as we shiver our way through March, the warmist position is looking a bit silly.  And the vastly expensive policy responses we are proposing look sillier still.

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2 Responses to Dreaming of a White Easter

  1. JP Floru says:

    Climate scares are (very) old hat. I am currently re-reading Roy Jenkins’s splendid biography of Churchill. Age 23 (1898), Churchill wrote the following: “The cooling process would continue: the perfect development of life would end in death: the whole solar system, the whole universe itself, would one day be cold and lifeless as a burnt-out firework”.

  2. Andrew Cochrane says:

    I must congratulate you on your straight talking at the European Policy Centre on 28th Feb, during which you outlined several very basic and measurable FACTS about the state of the climate over the last 10 years (i.e. not warmed at all, and has even cooled some). I noted how the ‘guy from the WWF booed’.
    That guy is obviously a lover of the Nazi brand of democracy.
    Keep up the excellent work.

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