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Von Mises debate

Roger addresses the Youth Wing of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Brussels in April.  This is an Austrian libertarian think-tank that promotes liberty and free markets.  The meeting took place in the congenial premises of the European Beer Association.  … Continue reading

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An Appeal to Reason

A Cool Look at Global Warming Nigel (Lord) Lawson, a former very distinguished Chancellor of the Exchequer (and also former MP for my own constituency of Blaby/South Leics), has written a splendid new book on climate.  He held a launch … Continue reading

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Happy St George’s Day tomorrow from Roger Helmer MEP and Chris Heaton Harris MEP

Click here for our St George’s Day message!

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EU renewables plan to cost £160 per household

EU plans call for the UK to increase its use of renewables in the energy mix from the current 5% to 15% by 2020.  An independent British government commissioned report for BERR, the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, … Continue reading

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Plenary speech on Croatia

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Why the USA should worry about the EU’s Renamed Constitution

The following piece was written by my good friend and colleague Dan Hannan MEP, and I was so impressed with it that (with his permission) I decided to post it here. Key Quote: “Where the US constitution is chiefly about … Continue reading

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One man is witness, prosecutor, judge and jury

Today (April 9th) the Bureau of the European parliament will hear my appeal against the penalty imposed by the President, Hans-Gert Poettering MEP, as a consequence of our demonstration for a Referendum in Strasbourg in December. My appeal is based … Continue reading

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Four big questions on Climate Change

1  Is the world getting warmer?  No.  It warmed a little from the mid 70s to 1998.  Since then global temperatures have been static or declining.  This is much more consistent with a cyclical trend than a straight line.   … Continue reading

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The extraordinary Brass Neck of Alan Johnson

There is a pattern emerging in policy-making in Britain.  We Conservatives propose a policy.  The Labour government ridicules and vilifies it.  They question our motives and our sanity.  Then, soon afterwards, they adopt essentially the same policy themselves, although often … Continue reading

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