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Bill misses the point. Again.

Plagiarism is important in politics (as is also alliteration!).  Many of my best ideas come from other people.  And a fair number of those come from my good friend and colleague Dan Hannan MEP (South East).  Dan recently wrote a … Continue reading

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EU plans higher air fares

The European Commission plans to include the aviation industry in its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) from 2012, piling new costs on airlines already struggling to cope with exceptional prices for fuel.  Airlines will be allocated a limited carbon allowance based … Continue reading

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The Flat Tax Debate

Imagine that we had an income tax rate of 10% (wishful thinking!), and we reduced the rate to 5%.  Chances are tax revenues would fall by roughly half.  But what if we had a starting rate of 60% and reduced … Continue reading

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Karl Heinz Report

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Don’t do it, Mr. McCain!

Wednesday May 14th found me in Washington at the famous “Wednesday Meeting” organised by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.  This regular weekly fixture attracts the central players from Washington’s conservative community — think-tankers and policy wonks, and a … Continue reading

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Explanation of the vote on Climate Change – Part 2

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Explanation of the vote on Climate Change part 1

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The gutter press comes to town

A few weeks back, a young lady calling herself Arabella Ridge, and purporting to be a work-experience student, showed up in Brussels.  She was shadowing Tom Wise MEP, formerly of UKIP.   Most MEPs, in my experience, are keen to … Continue reading

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“Junketing” in America?

At the UPS Offices in Atlanta, with an early UPS delivery van.  May 15th.  CHH, Syed Kamall, RFH The media’s theme of the week seems to be MEPs’ junkets — foreign trips on which they have a marvellous time and … Continue reading

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The CAP is a disgrace

Everyone, even farmers, loves free money.  But there is a good case that in the medium term, the CAP has done farmers few favours.  It has certainly been a huge burden for consumers and tax-payers — as well as a … Continue reading

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Triumph on May 1st…..

Everything that needs to be said about the May 1st results has been said, so I will add nothing except congratulations to the winners, and to all of you who worked on the campaigns.  And one other thing: there is … Continue reading

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….and maybe on June 12th?

The mood in Ireland is swinging against the Yes Campaign.  A recent poll of small businessmen in Ireland showed 74% against.  Ten thousand Irish farmers marched in Dublin against the Lisbon Treaty.  They are worried about Peter Mandelson’s world trade … Continue reading

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Galileo Explanation of Vote

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Politics Show – East Midlands

I was interviewed today (4th May) on the East Midlands part of The Politics Show. You can access the video of the show here. My bit is 53 minutes 50 seconds in. However you can access a podcast of what … Continue reading

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High Court orders review of EU referendum decision

The High Court has just decided that a petitioner, Stuart Wheeler, can pursue a judicial review of the government’s decision not to hold a referendum on the Renamed European Constitution, or Lisbon Treaty.   Stuart Wheeler, former owner of the … Continue reading

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