Galileo Explanation of Vote

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2 Responses to Galileo Explanation of Vote

  1. GregB says:

    Thanks for standing up and saying what needed to be said. At least in years to come you can say that you tried.

  2. William Ferguson says:

    It’s all old hat now that they have found a use for it, albeit that Tony Blair suggested a pay per mile use for it some years ago. I see on EuroNews that a company in Brazil is now making to chips to go into new cars to be read by Galeleo, for insurance purposes and traffic management. I wonder when I’ll get my European Fixed Penalty notice for driving my hire car 3KPM over the speed limit while on holiday, issued directly from the European Space Agency department of EuroJust. I’m afraid the EU is just getting a bit too high and mighty. I hope your resolution for 2009 and 10 will be, Must work harder, to stiffle there power, as we all know what happens when they get absolute power. God help us.

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