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The CAP is a disgrace

Everyone, even farmers, loves free money.  But there is a good case that in the medium term, the CAP has done farmers few favours.  It has certainly been a huge burden for consumers and tax-payers — as well as a … Continue reading

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Triumph on May 1st…..

Everything that needs to be said about the May 1st results has been said, so I will add nothing except congratulations to the winners, and to all of you who worked on the campaigns.  And one other thing: there is … Continue reading

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….and maybe on June 12th?

The mood in Ireland is swinging against the Yes Campaign.  A recent poll of small businessmen in Ireland showed 74% against.  Ten thousand Irish farmers marched in Dublin against the Lisbon Treaty.  They are worried about Peter Mandelson’s world trade … Continue reading

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