….and maybe on June 12th?

The mood in Ireland is swinging against the Yes Campaign.  A recent poll of small businessmen in Ireland showed 74% against.  Ten thousand Irish farmers marched in Dublin against the Lisbon Treaty.  They are worried about Peter Mandelson’s world trade position.  Recently Mandy called the Irish farmers “liars”.  This was headlined in Irish papers.  You can imagine how such a comment from an English Commissioner was received.  One Irish NO Campaigner called Mandelson “The gift that keeps on giving”.
The Yes side are getting very worried, in Dublin and in Brussels.  They can’t move the vote to a later date, because they know that developments under the French Presidency (July/Dec ’08), especially on tax and agriculture, will strengthen the NO vote.
It is difficult to see how the EU could respond to a NO vote in Ireland, but it would be a huge boost for our cause.  Fingers crossed.

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