The CAP is a disgrace

Everyone, even farmers, loves free money.  But there is a good case that in the medium term, the CAP has done farmers few favours.  It has certainly been a huge burden for consumers and tax-payers — as well as a good way of funnelling money to France from other EU member-states.
But the real problem is in the developing world.  The EU’s subsidised exports have undermined the economics of agriculture, and created disincentives for donor countries to help farmers in the third world.  Result: global food shortages.
But the real scandal is that EU politicians, especially President Sarkozy of France (surprise surprise) are arguing to maintain this wretched and destructive policy.  It is hurting the whole world.  In an era of high agri-commodity prices it has no place.  Yet another reason why, when it comes to the EU, we should be Better Off Out.  For more on the CAP see here.

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