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Animal welfare, not animal rights

A while ago I received a letter from PETA, “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals”, which claims to be the largest animal welfare organisation in the world.  I see it more as an animal rights organisation than animal welfare, and … Continue reading

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Waiting till the lights go out

  John Constable, Policy Director at the Renewable Energy Foundation; Ruth Lea of Global Vision; Zehra Zaidi, Conservative SW euro-candidate, and myself at the Global Vision lunch in London Thursday June 26th. On Thursday 26th, Gordon Brown announced the government’s … Continue reading

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Brown Envelopes from Big Oil

Following my Climate Seminar on Monday, the questions and insinuations from the press are starting to come in.  Of course no one would argue against anthropogenic global warming unless they had been bought and paid for by the oil industry.  … Continue reading

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When is a consensus not a consensus?

Myself with Prof. Fred Singer at the June 23rd climate seminar Photo courtesy of the European Parliament At the end of the drafting process for the failed European Constitution, after eighteen months of deliberation in Brussels at a “European Convention” … Continue reading

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“Respect the Irish Vote”

    The protest in the Strasbourg plenary on June 18th Pictured:- Myself, Chris Heaton-Harris and Syed kamall   Another Strasbourg demo.  Probably another fine in the offing.  On June 18th the parliament debated the outcome of the Irish referendum.  … Continue reading

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Podcast on the Irish No Vote

To listen to my podcast on the Irish No Vote click this link

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Thank God for the Irish!

Ireland, the only EU country to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (the renamed EU Constitution) has voted NO, by a substantial majority.  Despite huge resources given to the Yes Campaign by the EU, despite (or perhaps because of) … Continue reading

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