Bringing Europe closer to the people

I am indebted to my former staffer Sally McNamara, currently with the Heritage Foundation in Washinton DC,  for the following:
Pierre Lequiller, head of the French National Assembly’s EU Committee, makes four proposals for bringing the EU closer to its citizens.  He calls for training seminars in Brussels for national MPs to learn about Europe; the application of those elements of the Lisbon Treaty relating to national parliaments ahead of ratification of the Treaty; meetings of the European Commission in capital cities around Europe; and a yearly debate bringing together national and European parliamentarians, at which the Presidents of the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament would give speeches.

Sally McNamara, British citizen, makes one proposal for bringing the EU closer to its citizens. Listen to them.

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4 Responses to Bringing Europe closer to the people

  1. Ryan Lavelle says:

    The EU is a police state and a dictatorship.

    The only thing it will listen to is a declaration of independence.

  2. Malcolm Edward says:

    The EU is forging ahead without consent to trap us in. What Sally is reporting appears to be part of this overal process.
    What I find most worrying is: Europol (with police oficers with immunity to prosecution), the European Arrest Warrent, the ideas to integrate and mix police forces, the gradual removal of habeus corpus, the furthering of NuLabours surveillance society, and the EU’s desire to quell distubances (ie dissent) with a gendarmerie force. Its time that David Cameron and all the conservative leadership spelt this out to and galvanised the British people, and made the case that independence is the only safe answer for the British people. Only by restoring British independence (and with NuLabout unelectable) will we have a chance of having one relatively well governed country in europe as a bulwark against the coming EU dictatorship.

  3. Ryan Lavelle says:


    It is time people woke up and realized that BOTH of our mainstream political parties have sold this country down the river, starting with Ted Heath’s TREASON in 1972.

    We must build a grass roots movement of ordinary citizens who are opposed to dictatorship, war, and globalization, and committed to rebuild this country from the ashes of the last thirty years of economic and political suicide.

    For as long as we continue believing that our “leaders” are somehow going to save us from the hell that is in store for us , we will get nowhere.

    We must stand up and FIGHT FOR IT OURSELVES.

  4. The traveling circus of shuttling 735 MEP’s and staff between Brussels and Strasbourg every month provides the perfect narrative for the European Union as a whole: Almost everyone agrees it’s ludicrous, almost everyone wants to change it, but the EU doesn’t listen and no one can do a thing about it.

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