A German story

At the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Conference in Chicago last week, I found myself at lunch sitting next to a naturalised American.  He was called Fritz, and he had been born in Germany.  And he had recently been back on vacation to visit his German family.
Fritz found them in ecstasies over the recent Barak Obama visit to Europe.  Obama was wonderful.  He was amazing.  He would be the salvation of America — indeed, the saviour of the world.  “So what was so good about him?”, asked Fritz.  “You should have heard him speak” came the reply.  “He was uplifting.  He was inspiring.  He was a fantastic orator”.
So Fritz posed a question that I guess only a German could have got away with.  “Didn’t they say that about Hitler?”, he asked.  I wish I had been there to see their faces.

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