Colin Powell tells it like it is

Or maybe not.  Colin Powell, the highly respected former Defence Secretary in a Republican Administration, has backed Senator Obama in the US Presidential race, calling him a “Generational change” and a “Transformational figure”.  Of Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for VP, he says that he respects her, but that she “is not yet ready to be President”.
Sarah Palin is about two and a half years younger than Obama: both are in their forties.  In Obama’s case, that’s welcomed as a generational change.  In Palin’s case, it’s merely inexperience.  Odd, then to recall that when it comes to executive experience — actually taking responsibility and running something — Sarah Palin has had (almost) two years as Governor of Alaska, whereas Senator Obama has — none.  And he’s a candidate for President, not Vice President.

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