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Sarkozy loses his marbles

A couple of weeks ago, French President Nicholas Sarkozy, currently President-in-Office of the European Council during the French Presidency of the EU, proposed a European bail-out fund for Europe’s financial institutions.  This was not well received.  But now the irrepressible … Continue reading

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Watch out for the carborexics!

Psychiatrists in the US have identified a new disease.  They have described what they call “Dark Green Carborexics”, who they say are not so much eco-campaigners as “obsessive/compulsive” types.    In their determination to reduce the perceived dangers to the … Continue reading

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Colin Powell tells it like it is

Or maybe not.  Colin Powell, the highly respected former Defence Secretary in a Republican Administration, has backed Senator Obama in the US Presidential race, calling him a “Generational change” and a “Transformational figure”.  Of Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate … Continue reading

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Politics v. Science

OK.  Here comes a big dose of self-justification.   I recently published on Conservative Home an article on climate change, and why I disagree with the alarmist position.  It attracted a huge response, much of it positive, but of course … Continue reading

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Market failure? Or policy and regulatory failure?

The conventional wisdom is that the current financial crisis marks the failure of markets, possibly the end of capitalism.  We have had Will Hutton doing the rounds of the media studios pouring scorn on anyone who has a good word … Continue reading

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My latest plenary speech

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How to spend money without influencing people

Let’s try a thought experiment.  The local shop has run out of your usual baby formula for your bouncing six-month-old.  But they offer you a Chinese substitute.  Naturally, you’re worried, because you’ve read about Chinese milk products in the paper.  … Continue reading

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