Telling it like it is

The “Motion for a Resolution on the pursuit of the ratification procedures for the Treaty Of Lisbon” is coming up in the European parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, on which I sit.  The deadline for amendments was Wednesday October 5th, at noon.  Seeing an opportunity to wind up the europhiles on the committee (which is 95% of them), I drafted what I intended as spoof amendments, reminding them what real people, and most of my constituents, really feel about the Lisbon Treaty.

I had reckoned without the well-oiled efficiency of my Brussels office.  Seeing a memo with two draft amendments, Georgie took them at face value, and set them up on the parliament’s official amendment template.  Yesterday morning at 11:30, with half an hour to spare, she brought them to me to sign.  So I thought “What the hell!  Why not?”, and I signed them.  My good friend Jim Allister MEP from Ulster has co-signed them with me.

They will of course be voted down.  And very likely I shall be criticised by the philes for creating more work and more expense, as my two amendments are translated into twenty languages, and ever more trees are cut down to supply the parliament’s insatiable appetite for paper.  But what is the job of an MEP if not to flag up and promote the legitimate views of those who elected him?  Euro-realists rarely win the votes in this place.  But if I can bring a blast of real-world public opinion into the Brussels bubble, and remind them that out there millions of people are singing from a different hymn-sheet, then my living has not been in vain.

The amendments?  Here they are:

Whereas the decision to press ahead with the re-named European Constitution despite NO votes in France, Holland and Ireland represents a breath-taking contempt for democracy and the rule of law, and for the aspirations of citizens.

… Conscious that if the re-named Constitution were subject to referenda in EU member states, many of those states would reject it again.

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  1. Backbench Warrior says:


    Does the prospect of a Conservative government scare you as much as it scares me?

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