Never waste a crisis

I was amused to see that Rahm Emanuel, President-Elect Obama’s new Chief-of-Staff, was quoted as saying “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”.  Apparently the President-Elect, far from regarding the financial crisis as a constraint on what he can do, regards it instead as a great opportunity to do things which might not be acceptable to the American people in more normal times.
The Obama team seems to have taken a leaf out of the Brussels play-book.  EU apparatchiks have long talked in private about the “beneficial crisis”, which would allow them to get away with major moves to EU integration which, without the crisis, would be unacceptable either to member-states or to the people.
The Twin Towers outrage in New York dramatised the global terrorist threat, and became an excuse for more EU harmonisation on security, policing and corpus juris.  The global financial crisis is leading to calls for a new European fiscal architecture, harmonised fiscal policy, European taxes and a “European government” and Treasury to back the euro currency.  It has even (so help us) led to a handful of calls for Britain to join the euro.  How quickly we forget the lessons of the ERM.
But of course the greatest “Beneficial Crisis” for Brussels is global warming.  Never mind that the science is deeply suspect, or that the earth has cooled for the last ten years.  The “threat” of global warming is so deeply embedded in the media and the public mind that we seem to be prepared to accept any measures from the EU which are brought forward in the name of “combatting climate change”, no matter how absurd.
The EU’s 20/20 proposals (20% of our energy from renewables by 2020) are prescriptive, intrusive and distorting.  They are wrong, even if you accept the alarmist hype on CO2.  The logical thing would be to set targets for CO2 emissions, and leave member-states to innovate and compete and find the most efficient way to deliver the targets.  But that’s not the European way.  The EU’s renewables targets discriminate in favour of itsy-bitsy renewables against the real mainstream low-carbon technology, nuclear; and in favour of wind against other renewables.  They prescribe sub-optimal solutions and militate against innovation.  Coupled with the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive, which will require the closure of at least half a dozen major UK power stations by 2015, they are a guarantee that the lights will go out.
This is a national emergency.  It’s time to wake up

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1 Response to Never waste a crisis

  1. John Morton says:

    This is an extremely dangerous remark/mindset and only goes to reveal the type of thinking in America at this time.

    Mr Emmanuel clearly things that “crisis management”, and rule by emergency decree, i.e. fascism, is the way to go.

    Well, I hope the American people send a resounding message to this man that such anti-American behaviour will not be tolerated.

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