The scandal of the Second Irish Referendum

It appears that the assurances offered by the EU to Ireland to entice them to accept the Lisbon treaty actually make little or no difference.
They’ve been offered a full-time Irish Commissioner.  But while the Lisbon Treaty proposed a smaller Commission, it still allowed the Council by unanimity to agree a different number, so there is no fundamental change to the treaty.  They’ve been offered assurances that they will be protected on tax policy, military conscription and abortion.  But if we trust the expert (Richard Corbett, Labour MEP for Yorkshire), the Treaty never threatened those policy areas to start with.
But they can’t have it both ways.  Either this is exactly the same Treaty as before, in which case it’s a double scandal that the Irish are asked to vote as if it had changed when it has not (a gift to the NO campaign).  Or it is a different Treaty with material alterations — in which case all 27 member-states should have to ratify it.
Of course they have form on bringing forward essentially the same document in a different guise — remember the EU Constitution that morphed into the Lisbon Treaty.
I thought it was only the defendants in rape trials who said “OK so she said No, but I was sure she meant Yes”.  But now the EU institutions are saying the same thing to Irish voters: “You voted No in the referendum, but you really want the Treaty, don’t you?”.
When I made these points in the Constitutional Affairs Committee, the passionate Irish Republican MEP Brian Crowley said “He would take no instructions from the former colonial power”.  But he’s also passionate about the EU, so I replied that it was a shame he took instructions from the new colonial power.

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2 Responses to The scandal of the Second Irish Referendum

  1. Backbench Warrior says:

    We must withdraw from the EU. The terms of membership cannot be negotiated in the long run. The EU’s leaders are becoming more and more brazen. Please continue to make this case to your colleagues Roger before it really is too late. Once the clock strikes midnight, all hell is going to break loose.

  2. Julian Hawksworth says:

    Soon, perhaps the EU insitutions will start saying, “you were asking for it”! In reality of course, it is these very bureaucrats who dress their proposals provocatively, so to speak! But enough of this analogy. We would be “better off out” of the EU!

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