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What do we want? Not sure!

Yesterday a much-hyped but rather confused Protest March took place in London ahead of the G20 meeting.  It was a march of mixed messages.  It was against poverty, for jobs, against climate change.  Most of us would agree with at … Continue reading

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Leaving the EPP — at last!

Shortly after I was first elected in 1999, a Conservative Press Release announced that British Tory MEPs would have a new arm’s-length relationship with the EPP — “merely an administrative umbrella” — and would have full independence.  I rejoiced, thinking … Continue reading

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Travelling Circuses don’t come cheap!

For years I’ve been quoting the annual costs of the EU’s travelling circus — the monthly commute between Brussels and Strasbourg — as £130 million.  Seems I was wrong.  Both inflation and the exchange rate have moved on — and … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown comes to Strasbourg

March 24th:  Today we had the privilege of hearing Gordon Brown address the European parliament in Strasbourg, to tell us how he planned to save the world at the G20 (and to assure us that the UK’s dire economic position … Continue reading

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Gone with the wind farms

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Letter to the President of the European parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering MEP

Dear Mister President,   Gender-Neutral language   I have just had an opportunity to look at the booklet “Gender-Neutral language in the European parliament”, distributed by Harold Romer in what seems to be his final message of insult and defiance … Continue reading

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The Great European Rip-Off

Dateline Brussels, 6:20 p.m. March 17th.  I’ve just got back from the Brussels launch of the Tax Payers’ Alliance’s new book “The Great European Rip-Off: How the corrupt, wasteful EU is Taking Control of our lives”.  (See  And though … Continue reading

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