Letter to the President of the European parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering MEP

Dear Mister President,
Gender-Neutral language
I have just had an opportunity to look at the booklet “Gender-Neutral language in the European parliament”, distributed by Harold Romer in what seems to be his final message of insult and defiance to MEPs before his recent and unlamented departure.
The booklet starts from the preposterous proposition that “in most contexts a person’s sex is — or should be — irrelevant”.  This is an extraordinary piece of nonsense, even by the parliament’s standards.  In fact a person’s sex is absolutely fundamental to their sense of identity.  It is an essential part of who they are, how they wish to be characterised, and how they relate to other people.
Neither men nor women in the real world seek to be regarded as ambiguous, androgynous hermaphrodites.  They want to be seen and respected for what they are — as men or women.  Have we not paused to notice that both men and women spend large sums of money on clothes and other artefacts that clearly identify their gender, or that women (and increasingly men as well) spend a great deal on gender-specific toiletries and cosmetics?  They do this to assert their identity as women or men, and we in this parliament have no business to disregard that identity.
This politically-correct determination to ignore real and important gender differences is both pointless and ridiculous, and makes our institution a laughing-stock.  It is also an insult to real people who are comfortable with their gender identity, and expect it to be respected, not least in forms of address.
I would urge you to withdraw this booklet immediately, with (if possible) an apology.  I should also be glad to know who authorised it, how many copies were printed and in how many languages, to whom they were distributed, and how much they cost.

Yours sincereley,

Roger Helmer MEP

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4 Responses to Letter to the President of the European parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering MEP

  1. David M says:

    The confirmation that Harold Romer has departed must surely be ‘Good News’ worth shouting aloud !

    I totally agree with Roger Helmers’ statement and do most strongly resent any and every governmental attempt to reduce me to an androgenous mass !

    My suspicions are that this lack of intellect within the Commission is a part of the perceived problem, and perhaps the reason they hold the mere ‘Common Citizenry’ in such utter and absolute contempt.

    Maybe “The Commission” should become ‘elected by the Citizenry’ – they just may then start to appreciate their own mortality ?

  2. PFRogers says:

    This Pottering guy should start with funny languages, such as French, in which tables are feminine and shoes are masculine.

  3. Eric Brown says:

    Struan Stevenson, a Conservative MEP for Scotland, wrote a letter to the Scotsman last week about this. See:


    What right has the emerging superstate got to tell us how to speak and, by extension, how to think? This smacks of Newspeak and is positively Orwellian, the manifestation of a totalitarian state.

    Typical, too, of a rampant self-serving bureaucracy gone mad spending its time inventing work to justify its existence, and it’s our money they’re spending!

  4. Roger Helmer says:

    I symathise with David M’s suggestion that Commissioners should be elected — it would clarify their minds wonderfully. But I fear it would also bestow a spurious patina of democratic legitimacy on institutions which are not, and simply cannot be, accountable and democratic.

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