Our unprecedented Prime Minister

A key objective of political leaders is to avoid being seen as a “Lame Duck”.  Once that label sticks, the expectation of mortality is established, the prophecy becomes self-fulfilling, and the only way is down.  This is a professional hazard for second-term US Presidents, where mortality is burned into the Constitutional time-table, and power and authority visibly drain away.  No leader ever announces in advance that he is shortly going to quit.
So what on earth possessed our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to go public recently with his private reveries about “life after politics”?  Is he (as many fear) “losing it”?  He says he could walk away from it all with equanimity, and as one letter-writer said in the press “You don’t need to walk away from Number Ten, Gordon — I’ll pay for the taxi”.  So my challenge to the Prime Minister is simple: you’ve said you can walk away, Gordon.  So go on.  Prove it.  Show us.
In an astonishing moment of self-awareness from a PM almost totally lacking in empathy and intuition, he recognised that he was not as good as he would like to be at communication, and imparting information (recalling the favourite line of Brussels bureaucrats after a referendum set-back — “Perhaps we haven’t explained things well enough to the voters”).  Then this man who admits to his failures in imparting information suggests that maybe he could have a second career as a teacher.  A teacher!  And what do teachers do?  Well, impart information, mostly.  And a good teacher will enthuse and inspire — something else which Gordon finds challenging.  For heaven’s sake, hasn’t Labour done enough damage to our education system already without letting Gordon Brown loose in the classroom?
Gordon is not very good with politics (check the opinion polls).  He’s not very good at economics (check the National Debt).  He’s not very good, by his own admission, at communicating.  Gordon, for your own sake and the country’s, take that big black limo to the Palace, and resign.

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