Government addresses the Great Carbon Myth

According to news reports, the government is planning to spend more of our money, this time to warn us of the dangers of climate change, to soften us up for the massive amounts it wants to spend to combat it, and to prepare us for the very painful policy prescriptions which it seems to expect will come out of the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December. 
But they won’t tell us that tens of thousands of scientists around the world, many from prestigious academic institutions, disagree with the theory of man-made climate change.  They won’t tell us that the slight warming we have seen in the last century is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term, natural climate cycles.  They won’t tell us that the observed pattern of warming is entirely different from that predicted by the computer models on which the Great Carbon Myth is based, or that global temperatures correlate much better with solar variation than with the steady rise in atmospheric CO2. 
They won’t remind us that in the 1970s, governments were worried about global cooling, and warning us of the coming Ice Age.  And they certainly won’t tell us that for the last five years, the trend of global average temperature has again been downward.
They will talk about tipping points, but they won’t tell us that today’s temperatures are entirely normal, and that 800 years ago the world was warmer than today, during the Mediaeval Warm Period (when grapes grew in northern England), as it was 1800 years ago, during the Roman Optimum.
They won’t tell us that the eye-watering amount they propose to spend on climate mitigation far exceeds any conceivable benefit.  But the public are wising-up to the green agenda.  Increasingly voters recognise that green taxes are about raising revenue, not saving the planet.
There are real and urgent issues around energy security which we need to address, but global warming hysteria is distorting our priorities.

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2 Responses to Government addresses the Great Carbon Myth

  1. Richard J says:

    Some readers may be familiar with the popular Anthony Watts blog WUWT (or Watts Up With That). In a recent posting, linked to below, the lengthy comment by Richard Mackey (01:28:04) on 2 July 2009 provides a very interesting summary of this individuals take on the historical path taken by meteorological research in modern times. But be prepared for around 10-15 minutes to read it:

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