Poles take some stick – Update

I thought I would share with you a recent letter to regional press on the subject of my previous blogpost about our new Polish partners:-

Dear Sir,
I was very sorry indeed to see that Poland’s civil rights chief, Janusz Kochanowski, has had to write to the UK human rights watch-dog, Ann Abraham, drawing attention to racially motivated attacks and threats against Polish people in the UK, which (he says) are becoming more and more common. 
It is worth remembering that Poland is an historic ally of our country.  Polish soldiers and airmen stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our grandfathers in the Second World War, in the face of the Nazi threat.  As it happens, the Leader of our new European Conservatives Group in the European parliament is a Polish MEP, Michal Tomasz Kaminski.  The Poles are our friends and allies, and they deserve courtesy and hospitality (and no little gratitude) in our country.
It is right that we should have a serious and measured debate about immigration in this country.  It is right that the next British government should take rigorous action to reduce the inflow of immigrants to a manageable level, and this, in my own view, may require a second look at the freedom of movement of “EU Citizens” within the EU.  But it is absolutely wrong that foreigners legally in this country should be attacked, or threatened, or abused, by ignorant bigots.  Anyone responsible for such actions should be ashamed — and should be prosecuted.

Roger Helmer MEP

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