Wind Turbine Syndrome

Now even the Independent is challenging the nonsense of wind power.  In a report today (August 2nd) they quote the work of American Doctor Nina Pierpont, a leading New York paediatrician, who has conducted extensive research on the symptoms displayed by people living near wind turbines in the US, the UK, Italy, Ireland and Canada for more than five years.  She concludes that proximity to wind farms can cause heart disease, tinnitus, vertigo, panic attacks, migraines and sleep deprivation, according to groundbreaking research which she is about to publish.  Click here.

The damage is caused by the impact of infrasound, or low-frequency noise, on the bones of the inner ear.  Dr. Pierpont’s work overturns the conventional wisdom, built into the assumptions of wind energy companies, that sound which is too low to be heard cannot have any physiological consequences.

But we didn’t need to go as far as New York for this news.  One of the UK’s leading experts on the subject is Dr. Christopher Hanning, an Emeritus Director of the Sleep Deprivation Clinic at University Hospitals of Leicester, who as it happens lives in the same Leicestershire village as myself — and is also quoted in the Indy report.  He has been assisting the Swinford Wind Farm Protest Group ( with their objection to the Harborough council, and has produced a well-researched and thoroughly credible 60-page paper on the local health impacts of wind turbines. You can access the report here.

My own local MP Andrew Robathan has done his bit to publicise the risks.  He has supplied a copy of Dr. Hanning’s paper to our Environment and Climate Change Minister Energy Ed Miliband, and on July 15th in the House of Commons, he asked whether the Minister had read it.  Miliband replied that he had not, but that he intended to do so.  (Find the Hansard record at   Column 306).  It will be interesting to hear Miliband’s response, if and when it is forthcoming.

The climate alarmists love to dismiss wind farm protesters as mere Luddites and NIMBYs who are failing to engage with the looming disaster of climate change.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Objections to wind farms are based not on selfish Nimbyism, but on overwhelming evidence of the severe potential health impacts on local residents, to put alongside the debauched landscapes and decimated property values.  Wind farms damage lives and homes and communities.  They have no place near residential developments.

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