Supporting Country Sports

A competitor at the MEP Water Jump fence at Knaptoft, Aug 2nd.

A competitor at the MEP Water Jump fence at Knaptoft, Aug 2nd.

One of the great privileges of being an MEP is the opportunity it provides to promote activities and issues that matter to constituents.  The East Midlands is the heart and soul of English fox-hunting country, with many of the oldest and best-known hunts across the six counties.  Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is absolutely the centre of the sport.
The East Midlands also has a higher portion of agriculture than the national average, and country sports are clearly of interest to the agricultural community. 
While we wait for the repeal of the discredited Hunting Act (now so near I almost have the champagne on ice), we can support not only the hunts, soldiering on successfully in the teeth of the absurd Act, but also other rural pursuits.  So I was delighted to be able to co-sponsor the Knaptoft Horse Trials, which took place from July 30th to August 2nd in Leicestershire, with the kind permission of landowners Kim and Neville Hall.  And Yes (before anybody asks) the money for the sponsorship came from my MEP Information Fund allowance.  Bear in mind that all EU money is essentially our money.  I am delighted if I can ensure that a little of it is spent promoting country sports in the East Midlands, rather than promoting European integration in Brussels.

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1 Response to Supporting Country Sports

  1. Richard de Gerber says:

    bloody good show Roger, if only every MP & MEP thought like you did!

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