Wind farms: An Exchange of Letters

Dear Roger,
Whereas I agree with the gist of what you say about wind turbines, a lot of research is still going on with some quite interesting developments, particularly by some small and imaginative firms. The attached refers. I, personally, do feel it is a mistake for a major politician to get a reputation for pooh poohing everything connected with alternative energy when there are currently so few realistic options. 
Best wishes, (a constituent — name withheld to protect the innocent!).
Dear (Constituent),
I don’t know who is “Pooh Poohing everything to do with alternative energy”, but it certainly ain’t me.  I have made my position clear.  Alternative energy technologies should be pursued only if they are economically and environmentally sustainable.  Wind (as things stand) doesn’t qualify on either count.  I don’t rule out some new and more acceptable way of approaching wind power, but I can’t off-hand see what it might be.
I believe that hydro qualifies, while tidal (especially turbines driven by underwater tidal currents, which Rolls Royce is exploring) may have potential.  I support biomass (though I have reservations about bio-fuels).  I am especially keen on waste incineration with energy recovery, and methane from land-fill.  Solar (photo-voltaic) is currently struggling with cost factors, but may come good, while other solar technologies (concentrating mirrors + steam, for example) have great promise, especially in desert areas.
Wind power as currently envisaged is far too expensive, does huge damage to landscape, communities, homes and lives, and probably saves very little CO2.  Moreover the government’s wholly unrealistic over-dependence on future wind power plans threatens the UK with power shortages in a few years. 
For reasons of energy security, I am strongly in favour of reducing the UK’s dependence on imported fossil fuels, and I believe that renewables have a modest but significant rôle to play.  But the mainstream baseload generating capacity, in my view, will depend on coal and nuclear fission — until we get nuclear fusion in a few decades’ time.
Best regards.
“Working for the East Midlands in Europe, not Europe in the East Midlands”

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1 Response to Wind farms: An Exchange of Letters

  1. Richard J says:

    I am staggered by the ease with which so many otherwise rational and logical individuals can so gullibly fall victim to global warming alarmism propaganda and claims of scientific consensus of dangerous human induced climate change, so clearly unsupported by in depth scientific analysis, and so fiercely promoted and funded by a politically motivated cabal who try everything to suppress debate. We will need all our remaining reserves of fossil fuel energy to even attempt to return the status of the national economy from post war bankruptcy to that achieved in the latter part of the C20th, rebuilt largely by incredible good fortune from the proceeds of North Sea oil and gas, and so recently squandered by the present administration. Fortunately these reserves are still significant enough to take seriously. The EU executive, with their ever more restrictive directives, would seek to deny us their national use through the ‘justification’ of eliminating harmless, even perhaps beneficial, CO2 emissions, for whatever malignant satisfaction this affords them.

    Notwithstanding, of course it behoves us to research and develop viable renewable energy with every urgency, but this is so obviously the ultimate goal of the energy industry anyway that funding to assist them would be far more preferable than subsidising hopelessly non viable projects at consumers expense just to meet EU directives, which delays rather than accelerates the development of new breakthroughs.

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