“More Meat. We Ride at Dawn”.

Sept 25th: With Clarissa Dickson Wright and Alan Duncan MP at the Rutland & Melton lunch at Northfield Farm, Cold Overton.

Sept 25th: With Clarissa Dickson Wright and Alan Duncan MP at the Rutland & Melton lunch at Northfield Farm, Cold Overton.

I’ve just had the privilege of attending the Rutland & Melton Conservative Association lunch at Northfield Farm, Cold Overton.  Guest of Honour Clarissa Dickson Wright was signing copies of her new book, “Rifling Through My Drawers”, and was introduced by Alan Duncan MP, in his usual sparkling form.  According to Clarissa, Northfield Farm is one of only two places in England where she is prepared to buy pork.  Our host, Jan McCourt, breeds his own Gloucester Old Spots, and pork from these beasts, alongside Roast Longhorn Beef, was served for lunch.  The crackling on the roast pork was very special.
Jan McCourt is also responsible for the T-shirts worn by the staff, with splendid slogans on the back, which could generally be classified as pro-meat, anti-veggie.  My title for this blog post, “More Meat.  We Ride at Dawn” was one of them.  Another (worn I’m glad to say only by the ladies) was “I’m too sexy for this griddle”.  Others included “If only vegetables smelled as good as bacon”; “You can’t win friends by BBQ’ing lettuce”;and “AVOID FRUIT AND NUTS — you are what you eat”.
For some reason I suspect that Jan McCourt would not be a big fan of Doctor Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who advises us that we must all eat less meat, and more lentils, to solve the problem of global warming (though I always thought that lentils brought their own emissions problems).
Clarissa was magnificent, as usual.  A great cook and gastronomist, a TV personality of the best kind, a brilliant racconteur who has led a colourful life, a staunch Tory and a staunch supporter of country sports and country ways, she was a delight to listen to.  Above all, her contempt for political correctness shone through.
In passing, let me recommend Northfield Farm.  They have a superb farm shop with magnificent cuts of traditional-breed meat, plus a range of home-made sausages, burgers and so on — together with a good range of cheeses.  If it’s good enough for Clarissa, it’s good enough for me.  They (and their web-site) are well worth a visit. www.northfieldfarm.com

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1 Response to “More Meat. We Ride at Dawn”.

  1. Jan McCourt says:

    Thank you for your kind and amusing comments about yesterdays’ party at Northfield Farm. I am very glad that you appreciated our humble attempts to make people smile when they eat Northfield Farm produce.
    The point on meat consumption which you make is one which inevitably raises many contrary views. My own feeling is that climate change is a very serious issue & Northfield Farm does its bit by encouraging people to eat better & farm sustainably.
    Delighted that you had such a good time
    Jan McCourt

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