The Peckleton Walk


Oct 25th: RFH and David Tredinnick MP join villagers concerned about a wind turbine proposal at Peckleton, Kirkby Mallory and Desford, on a fact-finding mission

On Sunday Oct 25th I joined local MP David Tredinnick and a group of villagers outside Peckleton Village Hall, in Leicestershire, to set off on a walk over the local fields to see an anemometer mast on the site of a proposed wind farm development.  The walk was billed as a fact-finding exercise rather than a protest, but I found no one with a good word to say about the proposal for massive industrial machines in this rural environment.
The proposed turbines will be 125 meters high — around 400 feet.  Roughly as tall as the London Eye, they will bestride the landscape like H.G. Wells’ Martian fighting machines.  The initial plan is for two turbines, but to adapt the old adage, “If two turbines come, can the other half dozen be far behind?”.
The event, organised by local resident Angelina Thorne and her committee, started off in teeming rain, but soon the weather gods smiled, the sun shone, and we had clear blue skies for the rest of the afternoon.  We were joined by other walkers from nearby Desford and Kirkby Mallory, and there were around 100 people. plus assorted children and dogs, by the time we reached Stocks House, a few hundred yards from the proposed development, for tea and marvellous home-made cakes.  Both David Tredinnick and I said a few well-chosen words to the walkers.
It was particularly good to see David, as the local MP, playing a key rôle in opposing this unwanted and inappropriate development.  I commend him, and Angelina and her Committee, and the good people of the three villages.  I am proud to have been able to support their campaign.

 Photo Courtesy of Leicester Mercury.

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1 Response to The Peckleton Walk

  1. The walk was billed in Desford as a Village Walk. The Peckleton Action Group are using spin to usurp the walk as a protest march. The BBC even reported it as a protest march but have since changed the heading from “Villagers march against wind farm” to “Villagers walk to wind farm site”. I am all for people protesting against things they feel will change their lives for the worse. But, the Peckleton Action Group should be HONEST and open about their protest. The name of my village ‘Desford’ should be respected and the views of others.

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