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Red Tories, Reagan Republicans

Two stories in yesterday’s news (Nov 27th) caught my eye.  First, someone called Phillip Blond (sic), and described as a “Tory Guru”, has come up with a series of way-out policy proposals.  He is said to have the ear of … Continue reading

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Latest podcasts now online

My latest podcasts recorded for Tory Radio are now online. The first is a podcast following my  Climate Change Conference in Brussels last week which you can listen to by clicking here. It seem as though Ed Miliband, Minister for … Continue reading

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Cameron is right on cohabitation

The Daily Mail reports that David Cameron has slapped down Henry Bellingham, a Justice Spokesman, who proposed equal rights, including property rights, for co-habiting couples, after some qualifying period of co-habitation.  He is right to do so.   Tory traditionalists … Continue reading

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An exciting renewable technology

Regular readers of this column will know that I am not impressed by the theory of anthropogenic global warming.  But I am very concerned about energy security, so I am in favour of renewables if they meet basic tests of … Continue reading

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ClimateGate: The climate scam is exposed

I have been hugely encouraged by the leaked e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), which undermine the case for global warming.  The CRU is one of the world’s leading sources of climate data, and works … Continue reading

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The BBC’s obsession with Anthropogenic Global Warming

Last Thursday, Nov 19th, I got back to Birmingham Airport in time to hear the BBC’s “Material World” programme on Radio 4 as I drove home.  Yet again, they were banging on about Climate Change, this time because a group … Continue reading

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The EU gets schizophrenia

For best part of a decade they have driven forward the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.  They have ridden rough-shod over the people, over democracy, over election results, over public opinion, because the EU has no reverse gear.  They were determined to … Continue reading

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