Ban the adulteress!

It seems that Liz Truss is threatened with de-selection in Norfolk, because of an affair she had with a Conservative MP, Mark Field, some years ago.  (I thought at first she was the same excellent young lady who wrote that paean to punctuation, “Eats Shoots and Leaves”, but it turns out that that was Lynne Truss).
Now heaven knows I’m not usually considered a Tory Moderniser.  I am on the Conservative wing of the Conservative Party.  I believe in old-fashioned Conservative values, like freedom, enterprise, markets, small government, low taxes.  I believe that families are good for people and good for society, and should be recognised and encouraged in the tax system.  I believe in grammar schools, and believe we need more of them.  And I have views on homosexuality which Polly Toynbee would think were criminal, and fully-paid-up Tory modernisers would think were old-fashioned and regrettable (though I, and many ordinary folk like me, simply regard them as normal).
But to de-select an attractive young woman because — shock horror — she had an affair?  Would they apply the same criterion to a male candidate?  Would they have sacked John Major because he had an affair with Edwina Currie?  Or indeed sack Edwina Currie because she had an affair with John Major?  Would they chuck out all MPs who have ever had affairs?  If so, we shall see a great deal more green leather, and a great deal fewer bums on seats, around Westminster.
So let me urge the good Conservatives of Swaffham to think again.  If they de-select this young woman, they will lose an excellent candidate.  They will send out terrible messages about the way the Conservative Party treats women, and indeed terrible messages about the Party generally and its fitness to govern.  I wouldn’t ask them to join the 21st century, but maybe they could at least come to terms with the 20th?
Ban the adulteress?  They’ll be burning witches next.

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2 Responses to Ban the adulteress!

  1. Malcolm Edward says:

    I agree with your views

  2. True Conservative says:

    Your views are out of date. Would you say of a man, handsome young man – no so why call Liz an “attractive young lady”. The world is passing you by. Your views are sexist, homophobic and really the Tory party should be glad you have resigned. It was resigned this time wasn’t it and not being suspended? Need I say more.

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