Speaking up for the Derby Two

To watch me speaking up for the “Derby Two” click here.

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1 Response to Speaking up for the Derby Two

  1. Alfred says:

    Let’s not forget Andrew Symeou who has now been in a filthy Greek prison cell since beginning of August with no sign of a trial in sight. He not only represents all that is wrong with the European Arrest Warrant system but also epitomises the attitude of the Westminster government towards its subjects. On the altar of mutual respect for the laws of other countries, individuals like the Derby Two and Andrew Symeou are just unimportant and must not stand in the way of our efforts to appease our Brussels masters. Andrew Symeou and the Derby Two today … you tomorrow?

    As Fair Trials International says about Andrew’s imprisonment:

    It is a barely believable predicament for a young man of impeccable character who has never been in trouble before in his life; and one which raises disturbing questions about the manner in which our Government is prepared to throw its citizens to the mercy of foreign courts. Andrew, a 20-yearold university student described by his former headmaster as ‘polite, friendly, conscientious and cheerful’, was quietly handed over to the Greek authorities to face trial for a crime he almost certainly did not commit. His extradition was rubber-stamped under a fast-track European Arrest Warrant (EAW) despite overwhelming flaws in the case against him, including the serious claim that bogus statements were extracted through police brutality. Incredibly, under the EAW scheme, which the Labour Government signed up to in 2003, UK citizens can be extradited to other EU states without a British court having to consider any of the evidence against them.


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