Climate Challenge in the European parliament

Have humans changed the climate?  That was the question posed on Wednesday Nov 18th in the European parliament, Brussels, at a Conference I hosted.
Nine eminent speakers from Europe and North America included Prof. Ross McKitrick, the man who demolished the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s “Hockey Stick” graph; Prof Fred Singer of the University of Virginia, author of the NY Times best-seller “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years”; and British columnist James Delingpole, self-styled guerrilla blogger on climate hysteria.  They covered the science and politics of climate change.  The morning session was chaired by my good friend and colleague Giles Chichester MEP.  Giles is the Chairman of the European Energy Forum, and a former Chairman of the parliament’s influential Industry and Energy Committee.
The Conference heard that the UN’s COP 15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen, due to take place in December, is unlikely to produce any substantive outcome beyond an agreement to keep talking.
Several key themes emerged.  The small (+0.7 deg C) increase in average global temperatures over the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term, natural climate trends.  The predictions of the IPCC’s computer models continue to be hopelessly at odds with observed data.  The “fingerprint” of predicted warming (in terms of latitude and altitude) is wholly different from the pattern observed by ground stations, meteorological balloons and satellites.  Samples of ancient atmospheres from half a million years of ice cores clearly demonstrate that temperature changes drive atmospheric CO2 changes, not vice versa.  The theory of man-made climate change is not only unproven, but disproved by these findings.  Global temperatures are as likely to decline as to increase in the next decade.
A number of representatives from both the European Commission and the IPCC were invited to speak, but declined to do so.
However, this did not deter the hundred-strong audience, which included a number of MEPs, scientists, journalists, and constituents from my East Midlands region.
I was delighted by the level of support for this conference.  It is clear that the tide of public opinion is turning against climate alarmism.  The public are sick of being harangued, and blamed, and taxed over climate issues.  Recent opinion polls show a majority of British (and North American) voters no longer accept climate hysteria.  This is testimony to the robust good sense of the Great British Public.

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2 Responses to Climate Challenge in the European parliament

  1. Richard J says:

    As one of the lucky ones to receive an invitation, let me be one of the first to thank Roger and his staff for organising and hosting and himself co-chairing this conference. A few weeks ago, I would have regarded any assembly of such outstanding speakers remarkable, let alone to actually be present in person to witness it.

    I would regard myself as fortunate to have a geological background providing me with familiarity with many of the natural processes and cycles operating on this living Earth. We used to be taught in geology that the present is the key to the past. Now we know much about the past, but seem to be projecting future scenarios that ignore all that. Well these speakers use hard data rather than computer models. They audit and verify that data, and they make logical conclusions based on that data, from many, many different lines of research. They are not constrained by dogma, but open to new information as it appears. With dogged determination, they are one by one unearthing the skeletons in the catacomb of technical mischief underpinning AGW alarmism, mostly as a dedicated unpaid duty to uphold the integrity of science in challenging times.

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