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Great t-shirt slogan!

“Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet.  But he did make up Global Warming“.  This is Maggie Thauersköld, Sweden’s most prominent climate-sceptic blogger, pictured after my Nov 18th Climate-Sceptic Conference in Brux.  Find her at

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Climate Challenge in the European parliament

Have humans changed the climate?  That was the question posed on Wednesday Nov 18th in the European parliament, Brussels, at a Conference I hosted.   Nine eminent speakers from Europe and North America included Prof. Ross McKitrick, the man who … Continue reading

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Speaking up for the Derby Two

To watch me speaking up for the “Derby Two” click here.

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Making Meat Safe to Eat

During the BSE crisis I visited a local butcher, Mr Morris in South Kilworth, and was offered the opportunity to see his small abattoir.  In the small slaughter house, to my astonishment, I watched three men working, while four men, … Continue reading

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4½ billion years of earth history

Last Thursday, November 12th, I was privileged to attend a lecture and debate in Church House, Westminster, sponsored by The Spectator and chaired by Andrew Neil, entitled “Global Warming: Myth or Reality?”.  The speaker was the prominent Australian climate sceptic, … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown should not apologise for child migrants ….

There is a new vogue for national leaders to apologise for historical events and actions by their country, even when they themselves can have no personal responsibility, because the events took place before they were born, or at least when … Continue reading

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Free Societies, Free Markets

Alistair Darling (God bless him) is proposing, in the forthcoming Queen’s speech, to introduce a measure to allow the government, or the FSA, to “rip up” bankers’ contracts, if they feel that the contracts promote undue risk.   Questions are … Continue reading

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