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The Boxing Day Meet

For many years I’ve been in the habit of attending the Fernie Hunt’s Boxing day meet at Great Bowden, near Market Harborough, and this year was no exception.  The sun shone from a clear blue sky, and some hundreds of … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for EU Enlargement!

Today (says the BBC), Serbia will submit its application for EU membership.   Serbia is a tragic country with a desperate history of civil war, ethnic violence, pogroms, massacres and terrorism.  We rightly feel sorry for it.  But do we … Continue reading

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Weather versus Climate

Have you noticed that when it’s extremely cold (as it is today, Dec 22nd); when road and rail and air transport are disrupted; when Eurostar trains encounter “fluffy snow” and are immobilised for many hours in the Channel Tunnel, then … Continue reading

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A TV Review: “Man on Earth”, Ch. 4, Dec 21st

I’ve never been at all sure about Tony Robinson.  I suspect he may be a socialist.  But he was good in Blackadder.  His Time Team shows are unfailingly interesting, if a little formulaic.  And his “Man on Earth” episode yesterday … Continue reading

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Copenhagen: Climate Alarmism meets its Waterloo

History may look back to the 2009 UN COP 15 Conference in Copenhagen as the high-water-mark of the Great Climate Scam.  I have been campaigning for climate realism for years, and for much of that time it’s seemed like a … Continue reading

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An Outbreak of Sanity in the Antipodes

The non-majority government of Australian PM Kevin Rudd has been dealt a serious blow, the after effects of which may push him to call early elections.  After wrestling power from Liberal PM John Howard in 2007, much of Rudd’s initiatives … Continue reading

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Blogging break

By the time you read this I shall be winging my way to the Galapagos for a couple of weeks break. Whilst I may get chance to do a few ad hoc blog posts and  possibly one or two podcasts … Continue reading

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Hottest decade since records began?

I’ve just heard the news announced by the Met Office that this is the hottest decade since records began. Now that, of course, is exactly what you’d expect if, like me, you believe that the climate is cyclical, driven by … Continue reading

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Climate debate goes mainstream!

There has been the most extraordinary breakthrough in the climate change debate.  For years sceptical views have been ignored or ridiculed by the media.  But in November we saw the first trickle of water through the dam, and during December … Continue reading

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Rosey Nosey comes to Brussels

On Tuesday Dec 1st, a group of East Midlands brewers brought their wares to show-case them in Brussels, and to discuss issues facing the brewing industry with EU legislators.  Bateman’s of Wainfleet, Lincs, chose to highlight their Christmas seasonal brew, … Continue reading

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European Parliament welcomes IPCC Chairman

Tomorrow, December 3rd, the European parliament in Brussels will welcome Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel in Climate Change (IPCC).  He will be accompanied by former pop star and campaigner Paul McCartney.  Dr. Pachauri will be recommending that … Continue reading

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Rumpy Pumpy on Global Governance

Herman Van Rompuy, the newly selected president of the European Council, has been quick to give us an idea of how he plans to run Europe.    He had an early opportunity to quell the fears that he was nothing … Continue reading

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