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Submission to the Committee of Enquiry from ROGER HELMER MEP (Conservative, East Midlands).

The Westminster Science and Technology Committee is undertaking a review of the CRU leaks, and has invited submissions. See below for my own submission:- Ground Floor Suite Three Crowns Yard High Street Market Harborough LE16 7AF Tel: 01858 465 204 … Continue reading

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“Act on CO2” Bedtime Story TV ads

The Advertising Standards Authority received 800 or so complaints (including one from an MEP — no prizes for guessing!) about the Department of Energy’s “Act on CO2” TV ads, which showed a small child being read a thoroughly alarmist bed-time … Continue reading

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Saving the elephants

We have a CITES (Convention on the Trade in Endangered Species) meeting in Brux currently, and lobbyists have descended in droves, including the serried ranks of IFAW and WWF. So yesterday evening saw me dining in the Stanhope Hotel with … Continue reading

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Roger Helmer MEP – Q&A session with Commissioner Andor

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The Green Card Trick

A new procedure has been introduced into the European parliament, to try to enliven the rather sterile and formulaic plenary “debates”, which tend to be little more than members reading short prepared speeches into the record as a basis for … Continue reading

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Climate: Debate on Copenhagen

UPDATE:- Click here to watch a video of my speech I have just come from the debate in Strasbourg on the EU Commission statement on Copenhagen.  I was struck by two things.  First there were six speakers from our European … Continue reading

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Degrees of Freedom

 I am sick to death of the way that the good and the great seem to imagine that they have a divine right to direct every detail of our lives — always, of course, for our own good.  And there … Continue reading

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