Climate cartoon

Cartoon courtesy of Cartoons by Josh

Click image to enlarge

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2 Responses to Climate cartoon

  1. Richard J says:

    I am arresting you on suspicion of building a structure on the Crown Estate Foreshore without a licence, without planning permission, without building consent, in contravention of environmental beach conservation law, and in breach of health and safety regulations ( improper protective clothing, hard hats, and suspected safety boots)- would you please raise a leg sir? My colleague from the EU climate enforcement inspectorate would also like to have a word with you. Count yourself fortunate- he has noticed your apparent support for the cause.

  2. Richard J says:

    Coastguard station has also just phoned to warn someone in this vicinity is flying the ‘danger-quarantine’ maritime alarm flags. We are taking you into an isolation ward for precautionary biochemical contamination screening.

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