No, Gordon, No!

Funny, isn’t it, that you always think of the best rebuttals the day after?

During that TV debate, Gordon Brown’s most telling (and repeated) points were the £6 billion which he said the Tories were “taking out of the economy”; and the fact that we wouldn’t guarantee or ring-fence spending on education and the police.

Simple answers:  No, Gordon.  You are proposing to take £6 billion out of the economy, with your NI tax.  We’re proposing to leave that money in the economy, in the pockets of workers and employers.

And on the guarantees: No, Gordon.  We’re not giving those guarantees, and neither can you if you’re serious about tackling the deficit.  Remember that your own Chancellor Alistair Darling has promised “deeper cuts than under Margaret Thatcher”.

Brown’s rhetorical points don’t stand a moment’s analysis.

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